22 September 2013

Review: Perlier 8 Piece Deluxe Travel Kit

After having some issues with the banner, for some reason blogger kept loading it with a grey background, and this kept happening no matter how many times I would load it or what format it would be saved on. If anyone has any clue why that happened, let me know! Please :D?

Anywho! Another night, another review! This time on the Perlier 8 Piece Deluxe Travel Kit that includes a travel bag.

I'm extremely fussy when it comes to body washes and lotions. In fact, I could be using a popular body wash, with all the moisturizer in the world and my skin STILL comes out insanely dry. However, this is primarily due to having very hard water (yeah I'm looking at YOU town that I live in). So, let it be known, that it's very difficult for me to give a positive review when it comes to body washes.

Perlier 8 Piece Deluxe Travel Kit
Learn to lavish yourself with wonderfully scented, moisturizing, silky-feeling-skin products.  Each mini is moisture-rich and divinely scented. Too many superlatives? Not for this set — and certainly not for you. When you lavish yourself with these products, it's easy to learn to love the experience.
What You Get
  • 1 oz. Honey Body Balm Mini
  • 1.6 fl. oz. Honey Shower Cream Mini
  • 1.6 fl. oz. Olivarium Bath & Shower Cream Mini
  • 1 fl. oz. Olivarium Body Cream Mini
  • 1 fl. oz. Shea Butter with Citrus Extract Body Balm Mini
  • 1.6 fl. oz. Shea Butter with Citrus Extract Cream Shower Mini
  • 1 fl. oz. White Almond Body Cream Mini
  • 1.6 fl. oz. White Almond Shower Cream Mini
  • Clear Zip Top Bag
 via hsn.com

Perlier 8 Piece Deluxe Travel Kit
100% Organic Italian Olive Oil Body Balm & Shower Cream

Perlier's 100% Organic Italian Olive Oil line combines Italian Olive Oil and Tomato Lycopene. This active complex delivers a deep nourishing effect that provides stronger antioxidant protection to the skin. Italian olive oil is an extremely powerful, natural antioxidant.

Scent: Soft and Clean. Ever so slight herbal scent, but not over powering. A barely there scent would be the best way to describe the shower cream. The body balm though has more of a lotion-y scent.

Perlier 8 Piece Deluxe Travel Kit
100% Certified Italian Organic Honey Body Balm & Shower Cream

Perlier selects nature's most precious elements for the health and beauty of the skin.Honey, the ingredient, which more than any other, characterizes the natural recipes phenomenon with its richness, vitamins, proteins and minerals. 

Scent: The Shower cream as a distinctive scent of honey. Definitely stronger than the body balm. The body balm itself, has a very soft scent to it, I can't quite put my finger on it, but it has more of a sweet scent to it than the shower cream.

Perlier 8 Piece Deluxe Travel Kit
Pure 100% Certified Organic Shea Butter & Citrus Body Balm & Shower Cream

Perlier has extracted the precious Shea Butter from the fruits of the Tree of Youth, pure 100% certified organic Shea Butter, with intense and long-lasting moisturizing properties. 

Scent: While both are described to have soft notes of citrus, I don't smell it! These two are probably the only two out of the set that I can't smell any scent to. While they have that "clean" scent, I just don't smell any citrus to them.

Perlier 8 Piece Deluxe Travel Kit
White Almond with Cold Pressed & Pure Almond Oil Body Balm & Shower Cream

Perlier's White Almond line contains sweet almond milk and white almond oil, both are richly concentrated in natural emollients and nutrients. Ideal for dry or delicate skin types, White Almond offers moisturizing protection while its natural softening agents leave the skin smooth, fresh and supple.

Scent: A light almond scent, especially with the shower cream. The body balm is actually lighter in scent than the shower cream.

Overall Verdict: I do like certain pieces to this travel kit. My favorite shower creams is both the Olive Oil and the White Almond. Both seem to add some moisture back to my skin after taking a shower. While all the body balms work wonders, some with more lasting effects than others aka the Shea Butter body balm seems to take its time working into the skin and stays on the surface longer, it's also the thicker balm of the four. My favorite of the body balms is the Organic Honey. There's just something about it that works best for me, plus the scent is more comforting. It reminds me of a scent from childhood. All four body balms do leave the skin feeling supple, so it really depends on which one you prefer.

Price: $19.95; use the promo code ifabbo5 to receive $5 off any Perlier product from hsn.com

Availability: hsn.com

The product featured in this post had been sent to me by iFabbo on behalf of Perlier. What appears in this post is my 100% honest opinion on the product, and it is in no way influenced.

19 September 2013

Review: Perlier Lemon Crackling Body Water

Next up on the review block is something that has been long awaited for! Ok, maybe not, the product has been waiting though!

I received via, iFabbo, Perlier Lemon Crackling Body Water. What attrached me to this is simply the word, crackling. How can water possibly crackle? Not to mention it's suppose to moisturize the skin? Huh?

Through HSN though, this is actually referred to Perlier Lemon Sorbet Refreshing Ice Granita. So, hopefully there's no confusion. It's the same product, just different names.

It's summertime. You're sweltering. All you want is a cool, refreshing sorbet. How about indulging in a little sorbet sweetness — for your skin? Exuding an exhilarating scent, this granita is the perfect summertime skincare refreshment.

  • Sparkling and crisp
  • Moisturizes and refreshes in one step
  • Makes your skin pleasantly smooth and scented
  • Crackles when applying to skin
  • Provides sudden and strong cooling effect
  • Formulated with food ingredients, just like a true fruit sorbet
  • Fresh and light texture gives a sorbet-like effect on the skin
  • Made in Italy

 via hsn.com

Product: The product comes in a white can that has the green and white striped label that runs almost the length of the can, and wraps around. The cap itself is a frosted plastic cap that fits snug on top. The amount of crackling ice or water you get inside is 5fl oz. or 150ml. The nozzle itself under the cap is what I like to call a combo of a spray nozzle and a pump nozzle, with a wide, square opening for the product to come from.

Directions: This is actually simple, I for one never put it in the refridgerator to chill it as it remains cool enough for me without. But all you do is squirt a little bit on to your hands, arms and/or legs and watch the magic!

Product: The product itself is interesting. It comes out much like how hair mouse does. It foams up, but it continues to crackle. The liquid part does run though. When you start to rub the product in, that's where the fun starts! The product, crackles even more. Think pouring water into a VERY hot sauce pan. It sounds like it sizzles.

Scent: Lemon-y. There is a definite lemon scent. At first it reminded me of lemon pledge, but not quite. The lemon scent doesn't linger long on the skin though.

Overall Verdict: While the whole crackling is just awesome, this is definitely a product I would reach for when the weather was overly hot. It is definitely refreshing as it remains cool in the can. Once the product is rubbed into the skin, it has a slight stickiness to it that slowly disappears into the skin. It could just be me, but I do feel an ever so slight residue from it. I couldn't see myself forgoing my hand lotion for this though. It is definitely fun and truth be told, the sound drives my dog mad.

Price: $24.50; use the promo code ifabbo5 to receive $5 off any Perlier product from hsn.com

Availability: hsn.com

The product featured in this post had been sent to me by iFabbo on behalf of Perlier. What appears in this post is my 100% honest opinion on the product, and it is in no way influenced.

17 September 2013

Swatch: Ruby Wing Cinnamon Bun

Yes! Fear not, I am still alive! I just took a tiny hiatus. During the little blog hiatus though, I did start my polish spreadsheet. Took me about 30 minutes to figure out how to "nail" the categories to the top of the spreadsheet though ;x Once I'm done, I'll probably add it to the blog, in case there's a polish someone would like to see swatched. In any case, if anyone has any tips, hints or suggestions on what I can add to the spreadsheet, please feel free to comment! For the record, the categories that I have so far are simply, Brand, Name, Finish, Collection and Notes.

Photo from rubywing.com
The real purpose behind this post though is swatching Cinnamon Bun from Ruby Wing! Cinnamon Bun was released along with five other nail polishes (six in total) from the Cupcakes & Champagne collection for fall.

The fun thing with this collection, besides the solar changing effect that Ruby Wing is known for, these polishes are scented!

When I saw the collection at Harmons, I went immediately for Cinnamon Bun. A polish that is scented to smell like Cinnamon Buns? Yes please!

Ruby Wing Cinnamon Bun

Color Indoors: The color itself is a metallic, cinnamon color. I would definitely say it's a blend of bronze, mauve and pink with a pink-red sheen to it. 

Application: Sheer-ish. Depends on how much you get on the brush. For the swatches I used three coats to get the polish fully opaque.

Ruby Wing Cinnamon Bun
Color Outdoors: This was so difficult to capture with my camera, so I attempted it on two angles. The color almost goes to, what I like to call, a wine metallic. It is a deep shade, but you can still see hints of the cinnamon bronze mixed in. A different angle actually makes the polish appear to have more of a plum shade to it.

Ruby Wing Cinnamon Bun
Outdoors - different angle

The Scent: Ok, this is where I shall fangirl a bit. The polish smells like CINNAMON! Not Cinnamon buns, oh no. It smells exactly like cinnamon gum! Trident Cinnamon Gum to be exact! That's actually my favorite flavor of gum in the world, so for the polish to smell like that, YUMMY! My only issue is, the scent doesn't exactly last. By the third day it was gone. This could, however, be due to the fact that I wore no top coat with the polish.

Overall Verdict: Amazing! I definitely want to point out though, that I wore this polish for 7 days, WITHOUT a top coat, and believe it or not the polish stayed shiny just from the metallic finish. By the 7th day, I had some minor wear around the free edge of my nails, and maybe a chip or two, but it held out that long without any protective barrier. Both shades are beautiful and perfect for fall, not to mention the scent. I think with this, I've found my staple polish for the fall!

Price: $7.99 at Harmons, $10.00 on rubywing.com

Availability: Harmons or rubywing.com Those are the only two places that I know of which has the collection. Harmons may be selective though.

05 September 2013

Swatch: Nicole by OPI Gumdrops Lemon Lolly

Good news everybody! Wait can I use that? I'm using it either way! Once upon a time (aka last week), I learned that Nicole by OPI had put out two exclusive polishes for their Gumdrops collection. That's A Mint and Lemon Lolly. Now, immediately after discovering that Lemon Lolly was a yellow texture polish, I searched the net for information only to discover that this color was exclusive to a store (Shoppers Drug Mart) in Canada. That's A Mint, however has been seen at CVS with the Gumdrops display. I've seen it myself as well.

I had e-mailed Nicole by OPI to see if they would, by chance, release Lemon Lolly state side in the future, there wasn't confirmation from the brand yet, but in the e-mail it said that That's A Mint would be available at Target and CVS (already there), and that Lemon Lolly may be released in the upcoming months.

Well, confirmation time is now! I went to Target today to pick some things up, and there at the beauty section is a WONDERFUL display of Nicole by OPI Gumdrops. What do I see? Lemon Lolly! Truth be told, I nearly ran to the display to snatch it up. They must have just put the display out today because I had been there yesterday in search of something non-beauty related and no such display existed. 

So if you are looking for Lemon Lolly, do check Target or possibly CVS in the next few weeks.

Swatch time!
Nicole by OPI Gumdrops Lemon Lolly
Vivid camera setting
Lemon Lolly is exactly as the name sounds. It is a beautiful yellow texture polish with gold micro-glitter mixed in. The finish itself is a shimmer matte texture. 

Directions: Apply base and two coats of color. Do not use top coat.

Application: Perfect. I had absolutely no issues with this. The first layer starts off a tad sheer, with the gold coming out more. The second coat, it became very opaque. Two coats only.

Nicole by OPI Gumdrops Lemon Lolly
Natural camera setting

Nicole by OPI Gumdrops Lemon Lolly
Macro - natural setting
Overall Verdict: I absolutely LOVE this color! No issues with the application. I'm just so excited to actually have it in my hands finally! What would go perfect with this color is a lovely lime texture polish now :D

Price: Varies. At Target I purchased this for $7.04(USD)

Availability: Target and possibly CVS (US), Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada)

03 September 2013

Review: J.Cat Beauty Fantabulous Lipsticks

Tada! Review time! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and if you're in the states, had a fantastic Labor Day.

For the home made marshmallow update, it seems like I actually did it! I just went a little weak on the flavorings... nothing like gelatin flavored marshmallows (yuck!). I thought a tablespoon of both flavorings would be too much. Should have stuck with that. Quick little story, while I was boiling the sugar on the stove (a task of which I have never done before), I somewhat freaked out (nix the somewhat there) because the sugar concoction started rising. I sorta freaked out. Ok, I freaked out, properly. Tried patting down the sugar "foam" with a spoon, then shut the stove off. I have NO idea if the sugar was at the right temperature when I poured it into the bowl with the gelatin. So, moral of this story? Get a Candy Thermometer.

So! This review is part 1 of 2 of the Lip products that I received from J.Cat Beauty (massive thank you again!). In all, this is part 3. I was fortunate enough to receive five of their Fantabulous Lipsticks.

Lets begin!

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