03 September 2013

Review: J.Cat Beauty Fantabulous Lipsticks

Tada! Review time! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and if you're in the states, had a fantastic Labor Day.

For the home made marshmallow update, it seems like I actually did it! I just went a little weak on the flavorings... nothing like gelatin flavored marshmallows (yuck!). I thought a tablespoon of both flavorings would be too much. Should have stuck with that. Quick little story, while I was boiling the sugar on the stove (a task of which I have never done before), I somewhat freaked out (nix the somewhat there) because the sugar concoction started rising. I sorta freaked out. Ok, I freaked out, properly. Tried patting down the sugar "foam" with a spoon, then shut the stove off. I have NO idea if the sugar was at the right temperature when I poured it into the bowl with the gelatin. So, moral of this story? Get a Candy Thermometer.

So! This review is part 1 of 2 of the Lip products that I received from J.Cat Beauty (massive thank you again!). In all, this is part 3. I was fortunate enough to receive five of their Fantabulous Lipsticks.

Lets begin!

A girl can’t go wrong with too many Fantabulous Lipsticks. Your outfit isn’t complete without a gorgeous creamy shade of lipstick and we have 48 colors for you to choose from. You’ll feel more fantabulous than you already are!

via j.cat beauty website

Packaging: The lipstick comes in a sleek black tube, where the center is actually clear so you can see the exact color of the lipstick. The nifty thing is, when uncapped and you bring the lipstick up, there's an actual "click". It sees to lock the lipstick into place once you draw the lipstick back down, or release it. There's no distinctive click if you twist the lipstick all the way up though, only after the first twist and once you twist it back down into place. The cap itself, clicks into place, so you know that it's on good and tight.

FL108 Farkleberry
At first I had to do a double take when I read the name. Farkleberry almost comes across as a bubblegum pink, but it is more subdue. Swatched, it's more along the lines of a mauve-bubblegum pink. The finish is cream, while this does fall into the blue undertone family.

Overall Verdict: Definitely one of those lipsticks I usually shy away from, but it is one that is more along the lines of being muted almost. It isn't a in your face bubblegum pink, it's a wearable bubblegum pink. Perfect for spring or summer.

FL101 Shiny Rose
This is definitely a bubblegum pink with a blue undertone with a cream finish. When this is next to Farkleberry, it actually makes the mauve in Farkleberry come out more.

Overall Verdict: The good thing about Shiny Rose is that it starts off sheer, but is buildable. Not exactly a color that I normally would wear, but perfect in a pinch for a simple sheen of color on the lips.

FL112 Indian Pink
At first glance, I thought that this was a true red lipstick. But once swatched I realized that this was more along the lines of a magenta infused red with a cream finish.

Overall Verdict: This is very pigmented. I'm not one for wearing red lipstick, strictly because it normally makes me look paler than I really am, but being this isn't a true red, it works well with my skin tone. I would say that I see this more of a summer into fall lipstick.

FL122 Guava
A vibrant magenta, purple fusion with blue sheen. Definitely falls into the blue undertone family.

Overall Verdict: Out of all 5 I was most leery of this one, only because I had a lipstick ages ago, similar to this, and it never looked right on me. I'm not big with magenta lipsticks either, but I'm sure on someone else, it would look wonderful. I'm just not a big fan.

FL123 Rust
Sort of fitting name. This is the most neutral out of the five. It is a nude, but with more of a rustiness to it. If you took rust color paint and added white paint to it, you would get this color.

Overall Verdict: My favorite out of the five. Probably because I fall on the nude side when it comes to lipsticks. They work well with everything, plus also for work as well. This is definitely a work-safe color.

Fragrance: There is a slight vanilla scent that reminds me of MAC lipsticks, but not as potent.

Texture: Very, very creamy. I was actually surprised. I definitely do suggest moisturizing your lips before hand, or exfoliating them. It should be noted that these lipsticks do contain Vitamin E in them for moisturizing.

Colors: 48 colors to choose from.
Overall Verdict: I was definitely surprised by the texture of these lipsticks. The colors are extremely pigmented where you don't have to fight to get the color to show up, but this also can be a little tricky if you're one who likes only a hint of color. A lipstick brush would do the trick though. Out of the five, I've worn four more than once. I'm not exactly partial to Guava though, only because it isn't a color I'm particularly fond of wearing (this is merely personal preference), other than that, there's nothing wrong with it.

These Lipsticks are Cruelty free, Hypoallergenic and Lead free.

Price: $2.49

Availability: jcatbeauty.com

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for free to review. I am not being compensated. All opinions within this post are 100% honest and are my own.

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