16 January 2014

Review: Crown Brush HD Set with Mirror & Tweezer


First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's. I myself was delirious on New Year's Day with only 3 hours of sleep. I'm trying to get myself back in the swing of things right now, I've been slacking.

Other than that, lets get to the review!

Next up at the plate is the Crown Brush HD Set, which I received from iFabbo. You get a total of six brushes, tweezers and a traveling case which all the brush and the tweezer fits in to. Three colors are available through the Crown Brush website, Orange, Purple and White/Blue (which I think looks lovely). Through iFabbo though, the color selection was random, and I received the Orange set.

6 piece HD Cosmetic Brush Set w/ mirror, Tweezer and case. Made with high grade synthetic fiber. Vegan Friendly. Perfect for applying High Definition cosmetics, liquids, creams, and powders.

via Crown Brush website

Crown Brush HD Cosmetic Brush Set

The case itself, is a zip around, and dead center is the Crown Brush insignia embossed on it. It's very glossy material, almost reminds me of pleather. I'd say which would make it easy to wipe any make-up mishaps off of it.

Crown Brush HD Cosmetic Brush Set

Inside the case, the material changes to almost a mattified material. It gives a faux leather look to it. On the left side is a good size mirror which is perfect for travel, and right next to the mirror is the holder for the tweezers. The right side of the case are six different size holders for each brush that is included in the set.

Note: I want this to be known now, some of the brushes here, what they're suggested for, may not be what I use them for.

Crown Brush HD Cosmetic Brush Set

Crown Brush HD Cosmetic Brush Set

What can I say? I have only used one pair of tweezers since... forever. Since receiving the set, I have been using this one constantly. I was actually a little surprised that the edge wasn't curved like my other pair, but now I see why, these get the job done and there's no having to go back and redo.

Crown Brush HD Cosmetic Brush Set
Pro Powder

The big powder brush in the set. I'm not big on powder brushes, only because I don't use powder on my face often, (except to set my under eye concealer) however I have been using this on my powder illuminator/highlighter. This helps give me just the right amount of highlight that I want.

The bristles to me are not too dense, but definitely not flimsy either. They're a nice happy medium between the two.

Crown Brush HD Cosmetic Brush Set
Tapered Blush

On a scale between Dense and Flimsy, this brush leans more towards dense. The bristles are packed in there, but not overly so. I, however, do not use this for blush. I have been using this brush for setting my concealer under my eyes. It's the perfect size for that job.

Crown Brush HD Cosmetic Brush Set
Deluxe Contour

The density on this brush is the same as the Tapered Blush brush. I want to say it's about the half size version of that brush itself. I don't contour, however I have used this brush for blending my eye shadow up to my brow bone with a skin tone shade. It does a good job with that. I have also used this as a travel brush to work for when I need to touch up my under eye concealer as it's small enough for the job.

Crown Brush HD Cosmetic Brush Set
Chisel Shadow

A densely packed eye shadow brush. I love this brush! I have been using it constantly for the base eye shadow for my looks as well as just for a simple wash of color for work. 

Crown Brush HD Cosmetic Brush Set
Crease Blender

The density for this brush falls into that happy medium category between dense and flimsy. It's definitely perfect for blending. It's my preferred blending brush and also the brush I was most excited about.

Crown Brush HD Cosmetic Brush Set
Detail Liner

At first, I thought this was a lip brush, wrong! This little guy is the set's liner brush. It's dense at the base, but again that happy medium shows through towards the tip. I don't use this brush for liner, but I use this brush to apply the highlight to the inner corner of my eyes to finish off my looks. I also like to smudge the eye shadow under my eyes for this as well.

Crown Brush HD Cosmetic Brush Set

Overall Verdict: I definitely like this set and have been using it since. When I cleaned the brushes before using them, I noticed no shedding at all. I also like the fact that they come in a travel case, which came in handy when I needed to take brushes with me on New Year's Eve to work. I really have nothing bad to say about the brushes,

Price: $27.95 via Crown Brush US

Availability: crownbrush.us

The product featured in this post had been sent to me by iFabbo on behalf of Crown Brush.. What appears in this post is my 100% honest opinion on the product, and it is in no way influenced.

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