22 June 2013

Swatch-view: Londontown Lakur Weekend Cheers & Kur Nail Hardener

It's swatch-view time! Can I just say that I was beyond excited when I received these two items in the post from Londontown. Not only did the lovely, Kate sent me their Lakur Enhanced Colour in Weekend Cheers, but also sent me the kur Nail Hardener Base/Top Coat.

 Londontown is a 5-free formula, gluten free, vegan and cruelty free company that focuses on a nail care system that uses more of a holisic approach. Seeing that part of the remedy that is used in their fomulations, vitamins and minerals, I racked my brain to see what all I used, were there any vitamins or minerals in even the base coats I've used in the past? Maybe Gelitan, but that's it.

Currently, my nails break. The main nail to break is actually my left index finger, the outside edge breaks constantly. My nails constantly peel. They weren't always like this though, once upon a time I had strong nails that didn't break or peel. 

Because I'm reviewing a base/top coat and polish that are meant to help strengthen the nails, I feel that adding my history is a must here. But I'm putting it after the jump :D I'll try to keep it short though, as short as I can make it at least.

The history of my nails, so we're going to use the Way Back Nail Time Machine for this (haha!). When I was roughly 15-16 I let a friend of mine do my nails with acrylics, only because I didn't know right from wrong then. When I first went to remove the acrylics, I asked her how to go about it, "Oh, just use your regular nail polish remover". I did that, I just didn't know that acetone was really the key to the removal. What I used back then was non-acetone, which she said was fine to use. It didn't work, and when I got on the phone with her, she said "then just pop them off with the stick, that's what I do". So, that's how the acrylics were always taken off. If I knew what I know now, I would never have done that. After roughly 8 months of the same thing, my nails virtually becoming weaker and brittle, "the acrylic is what will make the nail stronger, you just have to keep up with it", I finally stopped when I ripped off one of the acrylics one night and half of the nail came with it. Wrapping it with a band-aid was all I could do. I had the other acrylics off by then though, and after letting them breath. My nail plates, literally, hurt when you touched them. They were weak, thin, brittle and peeling. The only thing I can say is that my friend went through the same thing, but she continued with the acrylics while I stopped.

So, since then, my right nail on my ring finger which is the one that ripped 13 years ago (I'm dating myself here!), never was the same. The smile line on that nail goes down further on one side then it should. My nails peel and are brittle. So, when it comes to trying to strengthen my nails, and make them healthier, I will try just about anything.

Lakur Enhanced Colour - Weekend Cheers
A day-to-night glow for the stylish working girl, armed with a brilliant splash of cheer!
Developed to adhere to LONDONTOWN's kur: Nail Hardener; this reaction creates a molecule bond that reinforces nail strength and works to prevent nails from breaking, cracking and splitting.
Infused with our revamped family remedy and a unique blend of vitamins and minerals to enhance healing and nail health.

Packaging: First off, I love the bottle, it's a very simple and sleek design. The amount of polish you get in the bottle is 12ml/.4 fl. oz. The box that it comes in, simple and sleek as well. But I love the fact that Lakur is in the same color as the polish.

Taken 6.16.13 - Natural camera setting
Color: Weekend Cheers comes across as a bold pink-coral. Not a hot pink-coral, but a bold one. It stands out. Honestly, I believe it would look lovely on any skin tone, but for me, it's difficult to tell what the under tone is to Weekend Cheers. I almost wanted to say it's a cool tone, but at times it looks warm. What also threw me, in the bottle it appears to be a cream shade, but when I began to put the polish on, I notice there is a slight shimmer there! It's very subtle, but it's there!

Taken 6.16.13 - Vivid camera setting
Formula: First coat, I always have streaking, I think it's how I load the brush up that causes this. Mild streaking that the second coat fixed. No issues there.

kur - Nail Hardener
Works to replenish strength and maintain healthy nail protein (keratin) and natural oil balances to protect against cracking, chipping, splitting and peeling nails.

Created with a combination of Britain's rapeseed flower oil and a unique blend of natural extracts and vitamins to repair and hydrate dry, brittle, weak and soft nails.

Packaging: Very much the same packaging as for the Lakur, simple and sleek. The only difference is that the box the bottle comes in is a very chic black and white. No color. Same amount of product in the bottle, 12ml/.4 fl. oz.

Color: Well... clear :D

Formula: According to the box, this can be used as both a base and top coat, which is what I did. I wanted to make sure I got the most out of the Lakur and kur. Once the base is dry, you end up with a very gloss coat on the nails that the Lakur bonds to. Using it as the top coat, you are given a glossy finish. It is not, however, a fast dry. Which is why I woke up the next more with minor fabric ridges ;x You only notice if you actually stare at my nails though.

Taken 6.20.13 - Natural camera setting
Key Ingredients: Rapeseed Flower Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Cucumber Extract, Chamomile Extract, Garlic Extract (kur), Azulene (Lakur), Bisabolol (Lakur), Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Biotin, Iron.

Overall Verdict: I'm impressed! I did have two chips occur though on my right hand (dominate hand), both of which I believe happened while I was going through boxes at work. Not a big deal. They actually happened on Friday. Very minor wear along the tips of the nails, but that happens no matter what polish you use, I think it is actually less than when I use a different polish. I've never used a base/top coat before, always used two different polishes for that, but was beyond impressed with how glossy kur was as a top coat, and how glossy it actually stayed! It is still just as glossy today (22nd) as it was on the 16th!  I honestly can say that I think kur may become my holy grail for base coats now.

Price: $22.00 (Lakur); $25.00 (kur)

Availability: Londontown Website


  1. I tried this brand not too long ago in "Weekend Cheers" as well :) I really loved the color and the formula was really great. It lasted me 2 weeks!


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