24 June 2013

Your Preference: Drugstore Nail Polishes vs. High-End Nail Polishes

I'm back with a Your Preference episode! This round it's drugstore vs. high-end nail polishes (or nail lacquer). For the record, I'm not basing this on price, this is solely based on what experiences I've had with polishes, namely the formulas.

I honestly think that this can go either way, namely because of the formulation on either side.

While I haven't had much experience with high-end brands of polishes, I only own MAC (older collections), Butter London and Londontown. In the past (my opinion) MAC polishes can be a hit or miss with the formulas. My Butter London polishes though, are nothing but hits for me. Not to mention Londontown being a hit, which has a post of its own.

As for drugstore, if you open my polish collection (should I do a video on that?), most of them are from the drugstore. I think this is where the scale tips for me in favor of drugstore polishes, because I've had very good experiences with certain brands. Although, I have encountered drugstore brands that are ultimately misses for me (there's one brand that I stay away from because of the polishes I have, each ones has chipped within a day), but hits for others.

I definitely think that there are pros and cons on both sides of this scale, I just lean more towards drugstore because the number of brands that I own, the formulas have worked for me.

So, how about everyone else?
Do you have a preferences between drugstore vs high-end polishes?
Especially based on the formulas?

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