17 September 2013

Swatch: Ruby Wing Cinnamon Bun

Yes! Fear not, I am still alive! I just took a tiny hiatus. During the little blog hiatus though, I did start my polish spreadsheet. Took me about 30 minutes to figure out how to "nail" the categories to the top of the spreadsheet though ;x Once I'm done, I'll probably add it to the blog, in case there's a polish someone would like to see swatched. In any case, if anyone has any tips, hints or suggestions on what I can add to the spreadsheet, please feel free to comment! For the record, the categories that I have so far are simply, Brand, Name, Finish, Collection and Notes.

Photo from rubywing.com
The real purpose behind this post though is swatching Cinnamon Bun from Ruby Wing! Cinnamon Bun was released along with five other nail polishes (six in total) from the Cupcakes & Champagne collection for fall.

The fun thing with this collection, besides the solar changing effect that Ruby Wing is known for, these polishes are scented!

When I saw the collection at Harmons, I went immediately for Cinnamon Bun. A polish that is scented to smell like Cinnamon Buns? Yes please!

Ruby Wing Cinnamon Bun

Color Indoors: The color itself is a metallic, cinnamon color. I would definitely say it's a blend of bronze, mauve and pink with a pink-red sheen to it. 

Application: Sheer-ish. Depends on how much you get on the brush. For the swatches I used three coats to get the polish fully opaque.

Ruby Wing Cinnamon Bun
Color Outdoors: This was so difficult to capture with my camera, so I attempted it on two angles. The color almost goes to, what I like to call, a wine metallic. It is a deep shade, but you can still see hints of the cinnamon bronze mixed in. A different angle actually makes the polish appear to have more of a plum shade to it.

Ruby Wing Cinnamon Bun
Outdoors - different angle

The Scent: Ok, this is where I shall fangirl a bit. The polish smells like CINNAMON! Not Cinnamon buns, oh no. It smells exactly like cinnamon gum! Trident Cinnamon Gum to be exact! That's actually my favorite flavor of gum in the world, so for the polish to smell like that, YUMMY! My only issue is, the scent doesn't exactly last. By the third day it was gone. This could, however, be due to the fact that I wore no top coat with the polish.

Overall Verdict: Amazing! I definitely want to point out though, that I wore this polish for 7 days, WITHOUT a top coat, and believe it or not the polish stayed shiny just from the metallic finish. By the 7th day, I had some minor wear around the free edge of my nails, and maybe a chip or two, but it held out that long without any protective barrier. Both shades are beautiful and perfect for fall, not to mention the scent. I think with this, I've found my staple polish for the fall!

Price: $7.99 at Harmons, $10.00 on rubywing.com

Availability: Harmons or rubywing.com Those are the only two places that I know of which has the collection. Harmons may be selective though.


  1. ooh! That's a pretty colour polish. Changes colour in the sun AND is cinnamon scented! When can I get on? haha! Once we had a store that sold stuff with a similar idea (solar colour change) here in Barbados where I live, but the store moved never to be spotted again :(.

    Anyway just passing by from the WWBH! Have a great week :)


  2. OMG that cinnamon polish! I have to have it!!! Thank you for sharing!


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