13 June 2013

Manicure: Electric Leopard

Quick post before I get ready for work, plus this oh so lovely thunder battle (where are the stone giants?! :O) we're having today.

Can I just say how much I love these three polishes from Ruby Wing? Not so much for when they're in the sun (I'm beginning to think Electric Firefly hates the sun, it doesn't change for me), but because of how bright they are. I wanted to do a quick polish last night (it was 10pm when I started), and just wanted to do an accent nail. So, I tried my hand at a leopard print, first time at doing this one. Took a little over an hour to finish, simply due to drying time on the ring finger (I also smudged it on my right hand which required a do-over ;x).

I also used a different top coat as well, Color Clubs 0-60 Speedy Top Coat, which I can definitely say, is speedy!

Just for the record, for these three polishes, Groupie and Crowd Surf dry the quickest, Electric Firefly takes longer for drying.

Vivid Camera Setting

Natural Camera Setting
 Polishes Used

Base Coat - OPI Nail Envy

Groupie - Four out of five fingers, center of the leopard design.
Electric Firefly - Base on Ring fingers for the leopard design.
Crowd Surf - Outlining for the leopard print.
Top Coat - Color Club 0-60 Speedy Top Coat


  1. Gorgeous mani! I am completely obsessed with the leopard design, wish I had the patience to do something like that myself. Found you through the On the Brightside Hop!

    Elizabeth @ Undeniably, me

  2. So adorable! Love those colors!

  3. I love these colours together!!

    Found your on the bloghop at Meet me on the Bright Side :)

    xo Maddy | spilledpolish

  4. Groupie is unbelievably awesome - love how you did the leopard print on part of the nail instead of the whole nail!

  5. Wow... I love it..
    Nice nail art with best color combinations.

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