04 June 2013

Swatches: étoile Greenwich St. Soirée

I'm a polish fanatic, although I probably don't have a large collection as many other do. Had it not been for the blogging world, I probably would have only known the brands that one can purchase in a store. So, I feel immensely fortunate to be able to try these two polishes from étoile (French for 'star') New York. 

étoile Nail Polish

I'm immensely thankful that I received a sample of the collection Greenwich St. Soirée. I have to say I literally bounced around when they arrived the VERY NEXT DAY after I had given my shipping info. And also scared the co-worker who was over at the house ;x Yes, that is how gitty I can get, especially on lack of sleep (with no coffee either!) xD 

So, without further ado, on to the review! (did that rhyme? :o)

étoile Nail Polish

Refreshing cocktails, cobblestones cafes, cheerfully colored accessories - these are just a few of the things that make spring so sweet. Inspired by New York City's West Village, our latest collection, Greenwich St. Soirée, includes Fizzy Cucumber, a fresh mint green, and Pink Panache, a bold hot pink. Both infused with our signature ingredient: genuine diamond dust.
via étoile website

étoile Nail Polish
Fizzy Cucumber
On the website, Fizzy Cucumber is described as as crisp mint and it is exactly that. I normally don't lean towards mints because they tend to not look all that brilliant on me, but I have to say that this is beautiful. There's a faint shimmer to this polish care of the diamond dust (I'm having a FF8 moment here) that is infused into it. Fizzy Cucumber only needed two coats for it to be fully opaque.

étoile Nail Polish
Pink Panache
Pink Panache is described as a bold hot pink. I actually wore this color for a few days. This is definitely a beautiful shade of hot pink. I had some mild issues with application for this, but that could have been due to the time of night I was applying it (seriously midnight while tired isn't a good time to do your nails!). I'll go into that a little later though. One thing I noticed, which I have issues with no matter the brand, when I wear hot pink, red or even purple, I get streaking. Not the type of polish streaking on the nails, but streaks across white paper =\ Even with a top coat and the tips being wrapped it happens. However, I can safely say, any white paper I came across while wearing Pink Panache did not suffer the fate of the polish streaks. I used three coats to get this fully opaque.

Formula: I had some mild issues, nothing terrible. I wasn't sure how Fizzy Cucumber was going to do because it started out streaky, but once a little drying time was involved and a second coat, no issues! Pink Panache, I had some streaking issues after the second coat, but this can definitely be my fault due to the time of night I had done my nails. In the swatch photo, I had some very mild streaking with it after the second coat, but the third coat fixed it.

Overall Verdict: Absolutely gorgeous polishes. I would definitely recommend them to friends and co-workers (if they actually WORE polish =\).

Price: $18 seperately, $26 for Greenwich St. Soirée Duo

Availability: étoile New York Website.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for free to review. I am not being compensated. All opinions within this post are 100% honest and are my own.


  1. Gorgeous colours, love the fizzy cucumber! :)



  2. loove the colors and yes that diamond shimmer will get me all giggly and cheery too!

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