08 August 2013

Review: Midnight Velvet m.vie Mineral Makeup


I'm baaaaack! Hopefully I wasn't gone long, please don't be mad! I've actually been prepping for this post, trying out the make-up to it's fullest. Back at the very end of June, I was "pitched" in regards to reviewing products from a online retail company called Midnight Velvet. Along with the product(s) to review, there would also be a sponsored giveaway (I'm going to do a separate post for this, due to the length of this one so stay tuned!).

In July, options were given to review, and of course what did I go for? The Cosmetics! Now, just a FYI, when I see the word "mineral" or "powder" foundation, I slightly cringe. I've tried mineral cosmetics before with no such luck, however that was years ago. I wanted to give mineral cosmetics, especially powder foundations, a try again before I finally rule them out entirely.

Midnight Velvet m.vie Mineral Makeup

What I want to note though before going into the review, it might look like a lot of products, but I want everyone to know, it's four pieces. One is a Starter Kit, full details of course, will be in the review.

Don't forget! Right after this post, is the giveaway post! So stay tune ^-^

So, before I start going on and on, lets go onto the reviews!

Midnight Velvet m.vie Mineral Makeup
The products that I was sent to review, m. vie Cosmetics Starter Kit (selected Fair), m. vie Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow in Penny Lane and Shiny Wine, and m. vie Concealer in Fair. Primary product was the Starter Kit, the other three were chosen by me.

Midnight Velvet m.vie Mineral Makeup
m.vie Cosmetics Starter Kit
 Custom-designed for your specific skin tone, mineral-rich pigments diffuse light to create a radiant, flawless look. 
Each set includes:
  • Mineral Mist (0.4 fl. oz.)
  • Lipstick (0.14-oz.)
  • Pressed Mineral Foundation (.21-oz.)
  • Pressed Mineral Blush (.08-oz.)
  • Mini Kabuki brush
  • Black mesh embossed velvet cosmetic case (6" long)

Most likely the normal way of proceeding with this review would to do entire Kit, Eye Shadows, Concealer. I decided to go with eyes, face, lips and others. Hopefully the break down makes sense!

Pressed Mineral Eye Shadows
Soft and natural or sassy and shimmering, highly pigmented eye shadows can be used wet or dry for irresistible eyes. .

Midnight Velvet m.vie Mineral Makeup
Shiny Wine
Color: Best way to describe this is a purple-wine with a slightly pink undertone.

Finish: Somewhat of a satin-matte.

Overall Verdict: Very pretty color, a bit of fall out though. It can go on sheer, but the color can be built up to be more intense. The color when applied, actually threw me a little because it seems to appear deeper on the lids than in the pan. Might just be me though.

Price: Retails for $15.95

Midnight Velvet m.vie Mineral Makeup
Penny Lane
Color: It's a penny! This is the ultimate copper penny color. A deep rusty orange.

Finish: Metallic-frost.

Overall Verdict: LOVE THIS! If you've seen my posts before, I'm a sucker for a copper eye shadow, so when I saw the word penny, BINGO! This is an intense color. Goes on beautifully with no build up needed. I, however, did notice that there is a tiny bit of fall out with this one, less than with Shiny Wine though.

Price: Retails for $15.95

Penny Lane all over the eye lid and slightly in the lower inner corner. Shiny Wine in the outer V, crease and take under the eye.

Formulated with vitamins A and E, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil, these healthy lipsticks will make your lips soft and luscious!
Midnight Velvet m.vie Mineral Makeup
Mango Tango
Midnight Velvet m.vie Mineral Makeup

Color: Not quite red, not quite orange. Kind of falls in between the two with a touch of pink thrown in there. It isn't intense though, which I like.

Finish: Glossy

Overall Verdict: When I first saw the color, I admit, I was stand-offish. It looked intense, and normally these sort of colors just don't work well with my skin tone. To my surprise, this is a sheer color that can be built up, but not overly so. Very creamy and smooth. There's no stickiness to it.

 Price: Full size given in Starter Kit; retails for $13.95

Midnight Velvet m.vie Mineral Makeup

Face (Concealer, Foundation, Blush)

Midnight Velvet m.vie Mineral Makeup

Dark circles, blemishes, broken capillaries—meet your match! Camofleur is a highly pigmented cream concealer that disguises skin imperfections and evens out the skin tone, revealing a beautiful you.

Midnight Velvet m.vie Mineral Makeup
Color: Light beige is the best way I can describe this. There's a slight peach undertone there.

Overall Verdict: I was surprised. I have a HG concealer as it is, but this did a beautiful job. The only issue I have is that is is insanely creamy, so I have to set this with the powder foundation, and I still had it crease under my eyes! This is also a thick concealer as well, and works wonders at hiding blemishes, well, ones that WANT to be hidden at least. But for under eye circles, I had to use at least two layers to get them fully covered.Yes, I'm the type who wants them gone, so a thin layer just doesn't work for me. The powder foundation on top does the trick, although it can look a little, tiny bit, cakey at first. It settles then.

Price: Retails for $15.95

Midnight Velvet m.vie Mineral Makeup
Just a quick note, because of my eye shape, no matter how I smooth out my concealer, it always settles into the line directly under my eye. I can smooth it out during the day, and it'll be back an hour later. Go figure.

Pressed Foundation
Weightless coverage that reflects the light for the appearance of younger skin. Green tea extract and freeze dried vitamins A and E add to its revolutionary formula—offering sheer to full coverage you can layer to create a flawless finish.

Midnight Velvet m.vie Mineral Makeup
Barely There
Color: Exactly as it says, barely there! It is a very light pale color, with a peach-beige undertone.

Overall Verdict: This works wonders when I use a light layer. When I go for full coverage though, this is where I have a minor issue. Using this foundation at full coverage, it goes ever so slightly darker than my skin tone (really, ivory can even be darker than my skin tone and that's normally the lightest shade in drugstore foundations!). No one has noticed though, which is a relief. I love the fact that when this is combined with the concealer though, it basically gives a flawless finish, providing you don't have blemishes that refuse to be concealed (yes I'm eyeing you blemish that I have right now!).

Price: Included in the Starter Kit; full size (.46oz, mirror included) retails for $31.95

Pressed Blush
Add a pinch of color to your cheeks! From pretty pink to bold berries, our mineral powder blush brings subtle shimmer to your cheeks that looks and feels beautifully natural.

Midnight Velvet m.vie Mineral Makeup
Terra Cotta
Color:  I wasn't sure at first when I saw this in the pan as I was a little worried. Terra Cotta on me? AHHH! Think Terracotta pot, but a light, sheered out color. That is what this color is.

Overall Verdict: I was iffy. When I saw the color, then the name, I was like "uh oh". But this is a sheer color. I want to say that this blush is fools proof. You can build it up, and it never looks overly intense. It gives a lovely, healthy glow to the skin. The BIG issue I have with this blush though, is the size. It's the same size as the eye shadows! Then again, this isn't the full size one, but still, my brush doesn't like it very much x.X

Price: Included in the Starter Kit; full size (.21oz) retails for $19.95

Everything Else

Small Kabuki Brush
Our small Kabuki brush of fine natural goat hairs has been refined to perfection over hundreds of years by professional makeup artists—This is the perfect brush for applying our Mineral Foundation. 2" long.

Overall Verdict: I'm not one for Kabuki brushes, but I gave this one a shot. I did clean it first before using, and discovered the brush likes to shed! It's still shedding even though I cleaned it several times. I don't normally say much about brushes, but when you're trying to cover your concealer with foundation and there's a little V shape bristle from your brush there, it's like... "grr...". I keep this brush in my make-up bag in my purse though, for touch ups during the day.

Price: Included in the Starter Kit; retails for $14.95

Midnight Velvet m.vie Mineral Makeup
Mineral Mist
Infused with lavender, green tea extract, ylang ylang and geranium—Mineral Mist expertly sets your makeup and is wonderful for re-awakening your face throughout the day as well as soothing aromatherapy. Distilled water.

Overall Verdict: There is a slight fragrance to the Mineral Mist, I can't put my finger on what it is, but it's there. It's definitely a nice refresher. I use this after I've applied my foundation and concealer, and before blush and everything else. It doesn't shift or bead up on the powder either, which is a major plus! I've used other mists before that are meant to set powder foundations and once they hit the powder, you can see where exactly the spray hit. With this, it doesn't happen. The major issue I had though, is the packaging. I think I received a faulty sprayer. It never worked. I kept pumping it, and discovered that the product was collecting under the black cap. Just because my bottle had a fault though, I'm not judging the product strictly on that. I went out and got a $.99 mist bottle and put the product in there so I could properly test it.

Price: Included in the Starter Kit. Full Size (4fl oz) retails for $17.95

And now... advert your eyes for I am wearing everything mentioned above! AHH!

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