04 May 2013

Red and Gold: Iron Man 3

Yes! I got back from seeing Iron Man 3, no worries won't go into a review or anything. My Iron Man Inspired series will continue as I saw an Armor in the movie (not sure of the Mark) that I want to try and do a tutorial for.

I wanted to do a quick post of what look I ended up going with for today, before I have to head off to work.

This is actually the simple form of what I wanted to do. The polish did NOT want to dry. I even did the running the nails under ice cold water to try and speed up the process so I could put the guides on for the half moons. Didn't work. Used a guide on my pinky and ring finger the gold polish started to pull up. So 8 out of 10 fingers had the half moons done by hand. These are actually the two polishes that I used for the other two Iron Man movies as well. They represent the armor well!

Polishes Used
  • Sally Hansen Hi-Definition Hail Color in Lite
  • Color Club in Warming Trend

Modified the Suitcase Armor look that I did here, just switched out the silver for gold and added in the blue shift of Aura from Urban Decay.

Products Used
  • PIXI Lid Last Shadow Pen in Peach Pav√©
  • Rust from NYX
  • Crown & Sceptre from MAC (LE)
  • Family Treasures from MAC (LE)
  • Aura from Urban Decay Glinda Palette
  • OZ from Urban Decay Glinda Palette
  • South from Urban Decay Glinda Palette
  • Illusion from Urban Decay Glinda Palette
  • Studio Gear Invincible Gel/Cream Eye Liner in Invincible Onyx
  • Rimmel London Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Blackmail 
  • Studio Gear Impactfull Pro T.L.S. Mascara

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  1. Hi I am your newest follower I love your blog and I love this post the nail design is gorgeous :)


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