02 May 2013

Tips & Tricks #1

Ok, I have been wanting to post this for a while, so this may be one of those long winded tips. Just a warning there.

I'm sure plenty know about the process of elimination when your skin goes haywire and suddenly you have a garden of blemishes on your face, but you can't figure out why? No stress, haven't changed your diet and you KNOW it isn't hormonal? But wait, have you started to use a new product on your face? BINGO

Recently my skin decided to have a mind of its own and go completely haywire on me. I was getting blemishes where I normally don't get blemishes. And they were ANGRY.

Stress has never caused me to break out, my diet hadn't change and it wasn't hormones. BUT I had started to use several new products. 

Process of elimination begins then. I knew one product couldn't be causing it due to it being an eye cream. So that product was safe. My regular run of the mill skin care was safe as well because I've been using the same products for years. Everything else that I had thrown into my routine that was new, I stopped. Nothing happened. In fact the blemishes were getting worse, appearing around my nose, and cheeks now.

There was only one other product I was using, a foundation primer. I was upset that it could be the primer because it made my foundation look flawless, but I had to stop using it to see. Two days after I stopped the primer, my blemishes began to clear up.

Do I know what might have been the culprit in the primer? Sadly it contains parabens which my skin is beyond sensitive to.

So moral of the story? If you're using new products, whether it's skin care or cosmetics, eliminate one product per day/night if you want, keep the routine up for a while especially if you REALLY want to continue using the products. At one point or another you will find the reason why you suddenly have an onslaught of blemishes, especially if you aren't under stress, no change to your diet and it isn't your hormones. Or you can always revert back to what you were originally using instead of using the process of elimination.

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