21 May 2013

Weekly Manicure: Tangerine Mayhem

It's manicure time! On Friday, I had discovered that Harmon's had the new Orly collection. Like always the brightest color caught my eye, Mayhem Mentality. Once I got home, I quickly removed the polish I had been wearing and applied Mayhem Mentality

Of course, my Love/Hate relationship with Orly continues. I love, love, love the colors; but the formula itself, hates me. Didn't even have the polish on a full day and the chipping began. By Monday I had a total of six chips occur, four repairs had already been done. Sigh. This happens all the time with Orly polishes with me. 

This manicure came about after I receive quite a few... unnecessary insults from someone at work over the color of the polish. Seriously, I could go on a very lengthy rant over it, but I'm refraining from doing so.

So, onto the MANICURE!

Due to my chipping issue that I was experience, but wanting to keep using Mayhem Mentality. I ended up pairing it with JulieG Frosted Gumdrops in Tangerine Dream

Mayhem Mentality is such a gorgeous neon orange (I almost want to say it's like a neon coral) that it drives my camera CRAZY. Rather fitting huh?

  1. Base coat first.
  2. I painted both the ring fingers and thumbs with Tangerine Dream. 
  3. Then taped over the tips, creating a v-shape. 
  4. Painted Mayhem Mentality on first (two coats). Removed the tape while the polish was still wet.
  5. Being Mayhem Mentality dries down to a semi-matte finish, I applied a quick dry top coat on while avoiding the area of the nail that was still bare (besides the base coat).
  6. Then following along the edge of Mayhem Mentality, I painted Tangerine Dream onto the tips. Two coats of that.
  7. Clean up with an angle brush and polish remover.
  8. Done!

Taken using a Natural setting on my camera to capture Mayhem Mentality

Taken with my regular camera setting.

If anyone would like to see a tutorial for this, please let me know! :D


  1. Aww, that's a very cute look! :)
    Found you through the Brightside blog hop, now following you :) xx


  2. Very cute! They look like mini pumpkins, or orange sherbert. I also found you through the bloghop, and am looking forward to future posts :)


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