01 May 2013

Tutorial: Iron Man Suitcase Armor Inspired Eye Make-up

I'm baaack! I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the other armors, but for now I'm doing a tutorial using the Mark V or the Suitcase Armor as inspiration.

If you've seen Iron Man 2 then you'll be familiar with the Suitcase Armor that Tony dons while under attack by Ivan Vanko. It's primary color is the metallic red (candy apple red as mentioned in the first movie) and silver/chrome. I did throw in a third color, mainly representing when the armor is heavily damaged by Vanko.

So lets get on with the tutorial!

Started off by using PIXI Peach Pavé as the base for the shadows.

Taking a pencil brush and using NYX Rust as one half of the "Candy Apple Red", I went along the crease, basically doing a blended cut cease if that makes sense. Not pictured is that I took it slightly along the lash line. I also took Rust along one half of the lower lash line.

Next the other half of the "Candy Apple Red", I used MAC Crown & Sceptre. Rust has a pinky tone to it so I wanted to cover that up by using a more muted metallic red. Which I think Crown & Sceptre does the trick. I just went over where I put Rust.

For the Silver/Chrome part, again, I used two different shadows. Starting off with MAC Melt My Heart as the base silver. I just filled in and blended the edges of both reds together with Melt My Heart. Taking this down along the lower lash line as well, filling in the other half.

The second silver I used which gives off more of a, chrome-esque, appearance is the silver side of OZ from Urban Decay. I just went over Melt My Heart, but with Oz I patted it on more so then blending. After putting that in place, I went over Crown & Sceptre again making sure that it stood out against the silver.

The Suitcase Armor gets heavily damaged by Vanko, and I wanted to somehow put a color in to represent the damage. Probably not the greatest representation of it, but I used South from Urban Decay above the crease. Again, I went over Crown & Sceptre.

For some reason my camera likes to blow this one out. But for the brow bone and to blend out the harsh line I created with South, I used Illusion from Urban Decay and a Missha fluffy brush. I think it's the blending brush.

Two part eyeliner. I used Studio Gear Invicible Onyx Gel/Cream Liner for tight lining. Then used Blackmail from Rimmel London on my lower water line. Optional, add wing liner! I'm still trying to get the hang of that, which is why I haven't done it.

After that (not pictured) I used the new mascara from Revlon, Lash Potion. Two coats to the upper lashes and a coat to the lower lashes. I probably should have curled my lashes, but I didn't want to run downstairs and try to dig out my curler ;x

Products Used
  • PIXI Lid Last Shadow Pen in Peach Pavé
  • Rust from NYX
  • Crown & Sceptre from MAC (LE)
  • Melt My Heart from MAC (LE)
  • OZ from Urban Decay Glinda Palette
  • South from Urban Decay Glinda Palette
  • Illusion from Urban Decay Glinda Palette
  • Studio Gear Invincible Gel/Cream Eye Liner in Invincible Onyx
  • Rimmel London Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Blackmail
  • Revlon Lash Potion Mascara


  1. Hey beauty I just found your blog on Monday Beauties Blog hop and I am following you :)


    1. Thank you dearie! I followed you back =)

  2. Pretty! Great colours!

  3. really pretty! It gets me in the mood for the new iron man movie. I love how you took it picture by picture. I found your blog from meet me on the bright side bloghop. I'm now following you.



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