02 March 2013

Haul/Review: Pixi Beauty from Target

Can I just start off with saying how super duper excited I was that I was able to get this? Now I know I'm most likely late to the game with this, but that doesn't matter to me.

I originally planned on doing this post last night, but I wanted to do an eye of the day with the eye shadows, hence why I waited.

Would you believe what I purchased from Target totaled out to $10.00 (excluding tax). At the current moment, Target has select Pixi products on Clearance (most likely making way for newer products for Spring). The products are, what I like to call, doubled clearance. Which means, they've been marked down twice.  

There is also a $5.00 coupon on Target.com for Pixi and/or NP Set, that can be both used in store and online (the online code appears on the coupon as well), providing you spend $15.00 or more. The three items that I purchased totaled out to $15.00 then I used the $5.00, bingo! All three items for $10.00!

If you can't find these items still at your local Target (sold there exclusively in the states) then please visit the PIXI website, they are still readily available there. The PixiGlow collection is currently discounted there!

PixiGlow Fairy Face Palette ($10.20/$34.00) Pixi Belle. Comes with 5 Eye Shadows, 5 Lip Creams and Blush. Along with a double-sided eye shadow applicator, double-sided lip brush and a blush brush. There is also a built in mirror.

PixiGlow Nail Colour ($2.40/$8.00) Pirouette Pink.

Nail Polish ($2.40/$8.00) Luminous Lilac. 

Please continue reading after the cut for swatches!

The face palette has two little slide out shelves that well they're pulled away, they reveal the blush and brush that goes with it.

Honestly, when I discovered the box in the clearance section I figured (like with many of the clearance items), destroyed. Luckily, the only issue was that the lightest eye shadow was dislodged from it's pan (fully intact!). All I had to do was push it gently back into the pan and the whole palette was perfectly fine. There was a little bit of the light shadow fall out that got onto the lip creams, but other than that, nothing else. No nail gouges or anything.

Packaging: Sturdy. Mildly difficult to get the lid off, but it just means it won't suddenly open. I don't mind if it's bulky or that it has two pull out shelves.

According to the Pixi Beauty website, the entire palette is described as Champagne & rose radiance shades. I have to say, it's spot on!

Eye shadows
First shade, the lightest (left). Is a champagne white. Slightly sheer, but very buildable, especially over a primer.

Second shade, is a champagne nude. A bit more sheer than the first color, but it is buildable. 

Middle shade, is a rose that almost has a gold sheen to it when the light hits it (could just be my imagination though). It is a gorgeous color. Much like the first two, it is very buildable.

Fourth shade is a deep bronze nude. Pigmented!

Fifth and final shade is a chocolate brown, with gold/champagne flecks in it. I want to say that this has a rose sheen to it in the right light.

Texture: Four out of the five shades are buttery. The darkest shade however, has almost a chalk like texture to it.

Overall Verdict: I love all five of these colors. They are gorgeous and work so well together. Very blendable! They all are, however shimmers. Very shimmery.

Wearing the shadows today!

Lip creams. Swatches were taken when my battery was dying. Apologies!
Lightest shade (left) is a light bubble gum pink. It is sheer, but pigmented. So you can build up the color, but it won't be over powering.

Second shade, is a rose pink. It looks darker in the pan than it swatches. Very nice splash of color to the lips though.

Middle shade, is a nude mauve. Swatches more pigmented than in the pan.

Fourth is a rose mauve. Pigmented, I'd have to say this is more along the lines of a muted rose color.

Fifth color is a deep rose. Not overly deep, it just adds a bit of color without going overboard.

Texture: Creamy, I really had no problems with the colors. They definitely remind me of Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butters.

Overall Verdict: I love these! Although I do have to say that I prefer the deep rose shade out of the five. Would love it if it was in a lipstick, cream, something type of form besides just the pan! That way I could take it with me to work.

3 Color Blush
Blush blended (left). 3 Colors swatched individually.
The blush is a 3 color blendable blush. The first color (top) is a deep pink. The center square is a rose and the bottom is a mauve rose. When blended, the three colors create a beautiful deep rose champagne blush. 

Overall Verdict: Pigmented, but not to the point where you'd have to be careful with how much you put on. It's forgivable. It is shimmery, BUT when on the cheeks it really and truly just gives you a very healthy flush and a glow.

Next the polishes! Pixi Polishes are 3 Free.

PixiGlow Nail Colour in Pirouette Pink. On Pixi's website it is described as a Pink with golden glimmer.

This is definitely a bubble gum pink. I almost want to say it's a hot light pink. Wait is that possible? It does come across as sheer, and I did have issues with streaking when I was putting the swatch on the nail plate. It also dries down to, not exactly a matte finish, but the finish definitely isn't shiny. The golden glimmer that is mentioned, isn't terribly noticeable. There's a shimmer there, but it isn't over powering. The only real issue I had with the polish was actually the bottle. Because of how light the color is, the white lettering on the back (where the name is), I could barely read it! I wish that the name had been put on the bottom of the bottle as well, like with the permanent colors.

Pixi Nail Polish (that is a seam going down the bottle). And it is exactly as the same says Luminous Lilac. It is simply a lilac with a silver shimmer to it when it dries down. I had no issues when applying this to the nail plate either. It doesn't dry down matte or to a cream type matte finish.

If you stuck with me through the entire post, thank you!

Disclaimer: Products featured in this post were purchased by myself. I am not affiliated with brands mentioned.

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