31 March 2013

Review: OPI A Woman's Prague-ative & Oy-Another Polish Joke!

Upon venturing to my local Harmon's, I discovered that, not only did they have one set of OPI's Euro Centrale collection, but had what looked to be six display sets all over the place.

After staring at the display (ok, I went around in circles because it's a free standing shelving unit that they have) for who knows how long, I decided on two. For as long as I can remember, I only have partial collections. I normally just select the ones I want the most. 

Anyway! The two that I ended up purchasing were A Woman's Prague-ative and OY-Another Polish Joke!.

OPI's Euro Centrale Oy-Another Polish Joke!
Oy-Another Polish Joke!
Oy-Another Polish Joke! is a yellow tone gold (a color I don't have!) shimmer. It is insanely gorgeous in person. The formula on this was a bit on the sheer side, and it took 5 coats (yes 5) to get it fully opaque. BUT the interesting thing about this polish is how it dries down. It's almost like a semi-matte glitter. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how I'm describing it here. It doesn't have a glossy finish, but sparkles.
OPI's Euro Centrale A Woman's Prague-ative
A Woman's Prague-ative
A Woman's Prague-ative. This one is a coppery-bronze-red shimmer. Almost want to say it's a rust color. Either way you want to describe this one, it's gorgeous! The formula on this was more thicker than Oy-Another Polish Joke!, all I needed was 3 coats to make sure that this one was fully opaque.

And with these two, I just couldn't resist.

Price: $7.99; price varies depending on the location.

Availability: Harmon's Discount, Ulta.com, or anywhere that OPI is sold.


  1. I like rusty polishes with a little shimmer!!! They're kind of a neat change from the standard red or brown.

    1. Completely agree. Sometimes you need a little sparkle even if it's a rust color! Hehe.


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