28 March 2013

Review: Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara

I'm not sure if it's conventional or not to review giveaway prizes, I'm going with the flow here. I very much wanted to review several of the Mary Kay that I won from the Mary Kay Get The Look giveaway that Bailey from Making Up the Midwest hosted.

I already have a HG mascara, but I must say that this one gives my lovely N.Y.C. mascara a run for it's money. I've actually been using this one since I received it over my N.Y.C. (shock!).

Moving on to the review!

Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara
Mary Kay® Ultimate Mascara™
What I look for in a mascara: Something that is clump proof, smudge resistant and doesn't give me raccoon eyes. I want a mascara that gives length and volume, the level of volume doesn't bother me. The more dramatic, the better!

What the Mary Kay website says about this mascara:
This extremely volumizing, superthickening, all-in-one formula creates the look of big, bold, separated lashes that last all day.
The website also states that this mascara is flake, clump and smudge resistant. Multiple pluses in my book! 

So does it really hold up to the claims?

Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara

Color Availability: Ultimate Mascara comes in either Black or Brown.

Packaging: I'm used to the straight up and down mascaras, so when I opened the box that this comes in, I was surprised that it was shaped. It is an hour glass tube with a cap that is tapered at the end. It actually feels good in the hand. The brush itself, is a bristle brush that tapers off. The end is perfect for me to get the little lashes that are closer to my inner corner. I have to say that I very much prefer bristle over the plastic any day. 

Formula: I'm used to mascaras with a dry formula. While this one isn't what I would consider a wet mascara, it falls somewhere in between. Once it's dry, the lashes aren't "crispy", while you can feel that there is product there, the lashes still feel like they have their softness and movement. There is no flaking with this formula.

Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara
Application: I don't have a perfect way of applying mascara. I normally just start at the root, wiggle and swoop the brush up. Of course, I am one who just gets excited about trying new products that I just jump right in without checking tips or directions. Applying two coats the first go around caused mild clumping, I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. Checking the website, I saw the tip to allow coats to dry in between. Following that tip, the results were by far better than the first go around. No clumping at all.

Overall Verdict?: I've tried quiet a few mascaras, both high end and low end, with my HG being my N.Y.C. mascara, but this was is what I would consider perfect. While plenty of mascaras have the very same claims as the Ultimate Mascara, sometimes, they fall flat. In my opinion at least. I experienced no smudging, no clumps (save for my first go with it) and no flaking. It held up beautifully during a full day (I go from 8:30am to 12am sometimes with my makeup on). I've even tried this mascara with a curl, and they never lost it. This mascara definitely delivered length as well as volume, it did not disappoint.

I can even say that, while I'm not sure if this is waterproof, it survived a minor crying fest (don't ask) that it had to endure. I did not have black streaks running down my face!

Would I Recommend This Mascara?: Absolutely, I already told my co-workers about it.

Price: $15.00

Availability: Mary Kay Website or from your local Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this review were won from a giveaway, I am not affiliated with Mary Kay. This review reflects my 100% honest opinion.

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