14 May 2013

Swatch-fest: Butter London Heavy Medal Collection

Oooh, my goodness! I actually couldn't wait to do this post. I was, insanely, lucky to have won a Butter London Trio from a Youtube giveaway that Araceli_beauty89 hosted (sponsored through Girl's Best Friend & Co).

While I know that the Olympic Heavy Medal Collection came out last year... I don't care, I have Butter London polishes nooooow! 

Butter London Olympic Heavy Medal Collection

My apologies for the outburst, I had some Cotton Candy ice cream earlier (it had pop rocks in it o.O), so I'm a little hyped.

Butter London Olympic Heavy Medal Collection

I did some quick swatches of the colors from the trio even though I'm sure everyone had seen them before.

Butter London The Old Bill
The Old Bill
The Old Bill. The bronze of the trio, I'm starting off with this one first because I have a soft spot for coppers. Described on Butter London's site as a Burnished copper with a beautiful antique patina. It is exactly as described. I have several other coppers, and this one definitely comes across as antiqued which is lovely. This was the first polish I actually started out with, with the swatching, so it was the first introduction to Butter London's formula. I had no issues with it as it seem to go on smooth, not overly thick, but not overly thin either. Two coats and it was opaque.

Butter London Diamond Geezer
Diamond Geezer
Diamond Geezer. The Silver of the trio. Described on the website as a A proper platinum nail lacquer, silvery and shiny. I actually don't have a flat out silver in my collection. I have a platinum, but you can tell it isn't silver. So this is one I'm uber excited over. This one actually blew out my camera because of how brilliant it is. Which is why the angle it slightly further away than the other two. It was the only way for me to get a proper swatch photo. The formula on this one ran a little on the sheer side, so it took three coats for it to be opaque.

Butter London The Full Monty
The Full Monty
The Full Monty. The Gold! Described on the site as a Does what it says on the bottle. Full-on molten gold nail lacquer. This is the polish that I decided to wear, basically because it was the last one I was going to swatch, plus getting late :x But I love it. Definitely think this one is an antique gold, absolutely gorgeous. Two coats and it was opaque.

Can I just say that the caps are amazing? I tend to have difficulty sometimes when it comes to opening nail polish bottles, brand new. I don't know if it's because they're just sealed tightly or if people play with them too much in the stores. The simple fact that these bottles come with grooves in the brush cap, then a secondary cap that slips over, it just makes it much easier to get the bottle open if it's stuck. Of course, I don't know if that is what the purpose of the second cap is, I'm pretty sure it's to make the bottle look sleek in design.


  1. ooohhh I love that copper shade! And yaaay Butter London! Don't worry I was like you when I got my first Butter London polishes! Lucky you and you got those for free!

  2. Oooo never heard of Butter London! Will check them out now!



  3. I love Butter London's nail polishes. My most recent one is Slapper, a gorgeous teal shade.

  4. I wish I would have come here sooner. I didn't know you had a blog. I purchased two one for the giveaway and I kept one. I used them for the first time this weekend. They are beautiful. I used the gold and silver. I haven't used the bronze. I am so glad you enjoyed them. I browsed your blog, appears you enjoy sparkly metallic. I am so glad I choose you as the winner. You will truly appreciate them.


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