25 May 2013

Swatch-view: Rimmel London Cocktail Colour in a Flash

Quick post!

Wondering around Walgreens last night, I happened upon a mini-display of Rimmel London's Cocktail Colour In A Flash Nail Polish. From my understanding there IS a larger display that has various items that lovers of Rimmel have been WAITING ages for here in the states.

There are five colors total in the Cocktail Colour collection (on the display it said, exclusive to Walgreens), so after much going back and forth on what color to actually try first.

Rimmel London Cocktail Colour in a Flash
#120 Shirley Temple
Rimmel London Cocktail Colour in a Flash Nail Polish. Colour in a Flash! Intense fully pigmented nail colour, charged with high energy colour pearls.
Rimmel London Cocktail Colour in a Flash

Packaging: For a nail polish, the bottle comes across to be on the small size. In my opinion at least. Then again I'm used to bottles the size of OPI. You get a total of 0.27 fl. oz./8 ml of product. The cap is standard black cap with a hologram sticker of, well, a cocktail on it.

Rimmel London Cocktail Colour in a Flash

The brush is a wide brush, it isn't a blunt end though. It actually curves on the sides. I actually prefer the wide professional brushes that have curves along the sides because, for me, it fits my cuticles better then when a wide brush has a blunt edge to it.

Rimmel London Cocktail Colour in a Flash

Color: I ended up purchasing Shirley Temple (#120), which is an orange polish with a gold shimmer overlay.

Rimmel London Cocktail Colour in a Flash

Formula: Here's the tricky part. The polish itself is sheer, and on the back of the bottle it says, One-coat nail polishes. Perhaps if you don't mind a sheer coat of color and shimmer, one coat is all you'll need and you'll be out the door. But for someone who likes their polishes to be opaque, one coat isn't going to do it! I also noticed that it can be a bit of a fussy polish. Balding in some areas, but definitely no issues with streaking. Also on the bottle, it says that the polish dries in 60 seconds. True. The first coat was dry enough to the touch in about a minute. I ended up doing 4 coats to get it fully opaque or the appearance of it being opaque to me.

Rimmel London Cocktail Colour in a Flash
Natural setting on my camera.
Rimmel London Cocktail Colour in a Flash
Vivid setting on my camera.
Overall Verdict: I definitely do like the polish. It's such a vivid, lively color. Perfect for summer! I do wish the formula wasn't on the sheer side though, having to put so many coats on, even with a polish that says it dries in 60 seconds, multiple coats can hinder the polishes drying time. Besides that, I really want to go back and grab the other four colors.

Price: $2.49

Availability: As far as I know, this is exclusive to Walgreens. I'm sure though, it'll make its way to other locations that carry Rimmel.


  1. Hmm it's pretty though, looks very jelly like!

  2. Lovely color on you!!

    I follow you nice blog (:

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