16 May 2013

Swatch-View: Sally Hansen Sugar Coat

With texture polishes all the rage now. If you follow me on instagram, I discovered that Target got a bunch of new collections in! YES! Two the collections were from Sally Hansen. The Sugar Coat collection and the Fuzzy Coat collection.

Excited that my Target FINALLY got them in, I got one polish from each. Right now this post is about the Sugar Coat polish. The Fuzzy one will be later on as I have an idea for a design, but I don't have the other color to go with it =\

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat

I've only tried one other texture polish (collection) before, so this one was a little different from them. The color I picked out is called Cotton Candies (#700). Cotton Candies is a cool bubblegum pink.

I do want to point out that the colors in the collection seem to be all on the cream side which is the opposite of the other collection that I have. 

Lets start off with the brush.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat
The brush itself isn't too thin nor is it too thick. It's a flat polish brush that's probably half the width of Sally Hansen's insta-dri polish brushes.

The formula for this is a little odd. At first glance I had assumed it was some type of cream polish as you don't see any particles in the bottle, but when you take the brush out, you can actually see the "sugar" particles on the brush and along the base of the brush. This polish doesn't go on smooth like the other texture polishes that I have do. When applying the polish, I was wishing that it'd go on beautifully with one coat. No such luck. I had some balding on certain nails. It's also semi-runny. I had the polish pool too quickly a few times.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat

So what's the texture, itself, like?

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat
1 Coat
With one coat you can see the texture is a "sugar" type of texture. As you can see though, with smaller particles in the polish you get some rough edges along the tips of the nail. I left it like that on purpose, but if I was going to use this polish for a few days, I would have taken a fine nail file and did a quick swipe across the tips just to get rid of the roughness there.

When the polish dries down, it isn't uber shiny, but it isn't super matte either. Satin finish would probably be the best way to describe it.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat
2 Coats
After 2 coats, the color becomes more opaque, but notice the texture changes as well. This is dried for me. I actually prefer the texture you get from 1 coat over 2 coats, mainly because you can see the particles there, with 2 coats it comes across as more of a "leather" like texture. Plus the tips become more rough due to the particles.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat
Overall Verdict: I want to play around with this one more before I really decide whether I love it, like it or meh it. What I do love right now is the color, plus the texture that it gives with only one coat. 

Price: $5.49 at Target

Availability: Wherever Sally Hansen is sold.


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  2. I still can't find these yet! Bummer.

    The brush looks like a major improvement. I usually have problems with their overly wide brushes. And maybe the formula just takes getting used to. Would love to see a follow-up post!


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