04 February 2013

Quick Review: Fabulous Flamingo

First off, Beauty Parfait now has a facebook fanpage.

Second, on Friday I ended up going to Big Lots, and while I'm there I always go to their little cosmetic area. They had received a new shipment of various cosmetics, among their new stash was several Orly polishes... for a $1.00!! One warning, check your bottles, I came across several that had polish all over the outside. That might not be a big deal, but I just wanted to put it out there.

Not quite a hot pink as it dries down a bit darker. I'd want to say that this is a reddish or warm tone pink, almost like a watermelon color. It is gorgeous, but definitely on the sheer side. At first it seemed to have dried matte with the first layer, but after the second it stopped. It took four coats to achieve full opaqueness.

I haven't been able to find the Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez polish yet, but I am wondering if this would be a possible dupe for the Scarlett color of that line.

Ring finger has light layer of Goldeneye with Strobe Light on top.

Disclaimer: Product featured in this post was purchased by myself.

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