02 February 2013

Review: Pixi Beauty Shades of Taupe

I've had this little quad since the beginning of October of last year. It was when Target had several Pixi items on clearance (as well as Jemma Kidd items). As it always is with beauty items on clearance at Target, majority of the items I was interested in, had either been open and out of the box or severely damaged. I lucked out though, finally finding a quad that was still intact. Out of all the palettes I own, I reach for this one the most, and I'm sure any one can tell that by the little dips in the shades (oops!).

Quick note, PIXI offers three of these Shade Quartettes (retail for $22.00). This one, Shades of Peach and Shades of Nude.

As the name implies, Shades of Taupe, this quad is exactly that. Three shades fall into the taupe family with a very light dusky pink. I almost want to say it can be viewed as a gradient wheel of sorts. The PIXI website describes their Shade Quartette as a tone-on-tone. Which in my opinion is spot on.

For the record, I cannot say anything bad about this quad, I absolutely love it!

Very Light Dusky Pink
Dusky Light Taupe
 The first shade, is the very light dusky pink shade. No matter how much product I put on to swatch it, it basically blends into my skin (I guess I'm a very light dusky pink ha!). This is a matte shade, I want to say that it's a matte-satin though because it isn't completely mattefied. There is a slight sheen to it, but one would hardly notice it. This would be lovely as an inner corner highlight or to highlight the brow bone.

The next shade (to the right of the pink), starting to go into the taupe field is a dusky light taupe. I almost want to say it is a light gray taupe. This has the appearance of being matte, but upon closer inspection, there are some subtle shimmer in there. Not BOOM in your face shimmer, more along the lines of a satin. This is a gorgeous all over the lid color, I actually use this the most often.

Deep Rose-Taupe
The third shade (to the left of the pink), comes across as a bronze-taupe, and it is a shimmer. This as well is a gorgeous color and would work well as an all over the lid color or even a crease color.

The last shade, which is directly across from the pink, is the darkest shade in the quad. I want to say, to my eye, it's a deep rose taupe. There's definitely a pinkish rose sheen to it in the quad. The same with the third shade, this one is a shimmer as well. Perfect for the outer crease and lower lash line for a smokey look.

The texture on all four of the shades are wonderful, very smooth and silky. Not chalky in the slightest with no fall out. 

Depending on your preference, each of one these shades can be worn on it's own or all together. This is an absolutely gorgeous quad and I'm still very happy with it. I actually want to get the other two as well.

Disclaimer: Product mentioned in this review was purchased by myself.

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