17 February 2013

Review: BANGO by Pro Beauty Tools

I normally wouldn't do a review on something like this, but I couldn't resist.

My Mother's Valentine's gift for me was something, in my opinion, nontraditional. She purchased Bango by Pro Beauty Tools (retail $14.99) for me. This was something I never seen nor heard of before, but she knows how much I despise going to a salon to get my hair cut (the dying aspect, well she dyes my hair).

For some reason, every time I go to a salon, even with picture included on the cut I want, my hair gets butchered. The last time I went (which was November 7th, 2012), she hair stylist did an ok job. My fringe was the way I wanted it, she kept my length going, but she forgot to add layers in and the face frame. Normally I'd complain, but I was in a rush due to a snow storm that was set to hit.

That had been the first time in a year that I got my hair cut. The time before that, I went to a different salon, and my hair was butchered. Picture brought in, shown, explained the changes I wanted which was simply to keep the length. So I requested half an inch to be cut off the ends and for the layers to be renewed. Just for reference, at that point the length of my hair had been down to the lowest part of my shoulder blades. Guess what. The hair stylist cut off FIVE inches of my hair bringing it nearly back up to my shoulders. The face frame was uneven, and significantly shorter than the rest of my hair, while my fringe was cut straight across and left uneven as well.

When I saw the end result, I asked the stylist what she was thinking, this wasn't the cut that I had wanted, she just shrugged and removed the salon cape. I was furious, especially because I had a hair reference photo which she kept in front of her. Hence why I didn't go back to a salon for a year. 

That wasn't the first time my hair had been butchered though, but it was the worst of them.

Anyway, that's the background as to why my Mom bought this product for me. Onward to the review!

I'm always skeptical of As Seen On TV products. But I figured, there's no harm in trying.

What you get in the box is the Bango clip (the large pink clip), two curved hair clips, a comb, hair scissors/shears, and an instructional DVD.

The important piece is the Bango clip itself. There are two sides to it, a "straight" edge side, where the angle cutting guides go in one direction. The other side, has a curve or small "arch" to it with the cutting guides go in two different directions.

Please watch the instructional DVD, I didn't (that's bad), but had watch a few videos on YouTube on what to do.

On the box it states that the Bango clip creates: Blunt Bangs, Textured Bangs, Side Bangs, Children's Bangs, Top Layer Trims, Short Hair & Men's Bangs.

What I can suggest is, do this on dry hair, it worked the best for me that way. I prefer textured fringe, with a slight arch to them. Longer on the sides.

I'm going to try and explain what I did to get my fringe back as they had grown down to the end of my nose.

Before, taken on Saturday, February 9th

First thing you do is, make sure you have your hair parted on the sides where you want your fringe, then you clip the excess hair back with the two clips provided (or clips that you have yourself).

Comb the hair you want for fringe out, then open the Bango clip, depending on the side you want, I went with the curved side facing away from me, then slide the hair in between. There is a comb row on one side of the clip then a double row on the opposite side.

I slid the clip twice through my hair to decide where I wanted to start (also wanted to make sure I was getting the hair evenly through the clip due to how my hair parts). Starting low so I could work my way up to the desire length of the fringe, I started cutting into the cutting guides. These are helpful, but I would, most certainly, suggest having someone help you do this. I did this in three steps, and by the third step, the end of the clip was directly at eye level and my vision was going blurry while trying to focus and cut into the guides.

After getting that layer of hair chopped away, I removed the clip, comb through again, then slid the clip back onto my hair, and started the process again.

After the second process was done, my fringe was now covering just my eyes, no longer my nose. So I repeated the process again. That was the final length, so I made sure everything was evenly distributed through the clip.

My hair looked a little wonky, due to how I had my hair parted from earlier in the day (side swept), this called for another washing and styling.

End Result, taken at 11:27pm
For my first time using it (and winging it), I'm insanely excited with the end result. Honestly, I thought I'd HAVE to go to the salon to get it fixed.

Disclaimer: This product was given to me as a gift by my Mother, opinions are my own. This is not a paid review.

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