04 February 2013

Review: The Color Workshop 4 Palettes

After tossing this back and forth I figured why not. Back in December one of my co-workers gave me one of The Color Workshop gift sets which came with four (6 shades) eyeshadow palettes, a mascara, a liquid glitter eyeliner, and I believe a brush as well (I don't rightfully recall). Sadly I had thrown out the box, but I do believe it was part of the Dazzling Eyes collection. And just so it can be noted, every single eyeshadow is a frost.

First off, none of these palettes have actual names to distinguish them. Each individual eyeshadow has it's own name though, and it does appear that each palette has some form of theme going. There are some hits and misses among them, especially one palette in particular which I was disappointed in.

Angel: Simply a white-gold frost. The gold in this transfers more so then the white causing it to be on the sheer side.
Fancy: Yellow-gold frost. This is also on the sheer side, but it is buildable.
Dream: Peach/Apricot frost. Again, another sheer one, but it too is buildable like Fancy is.
Humorous: I want to say this is more along the lines of a orange-gold, and this seems to be the going trend with this one, sheer but buildable.
Imagine: Plum-brown frost. This one has a slight pink duochrome to it. Faint, but there. 
Peace: This one is probably the most pigmented of the six in this palette. It's a forest green frost and is gorgeous. It doesn't take much effort for color payoff with this one. 

Overall impression of this palette: Not bad, my favorites are definitely Peace and Dream. While most are sheer colors, they are buildable.

Immortal: A pink frost. Very little color payoff with this. The swatch itself, took me several attempts of building the color up to get it to show.
Exquisite: A purple-blue duochrome frost. This one out of ALL of the palette my least favorite. No matter how many layers, or even using a sponge tip applicator and even a brush, it wouldn't show up after further than what I was able to swatch.
Celestial: A blue tone pink frost. Definitely sheer, and took some effort to get the swatch to show up.
Ethereal: This one is the darker version of Exquisite. It's definitely on the light side despite the fact that it's a mid-tone color. The swatching wasn't too much of a problem.
Transcendent: A brown with a pink overlay, another one on the sheer side, but even trying to build the color didn't get it as rich as it appears in it's baked form.
Brilliant: I want to say this one is a blue-silver. Kind of threw me because it's a blue shade, with no purple mixed into it. Definitely has a bit more pigmentation than the rest of the palette, but still on the sheer side.

Overall impression of this palette: Definitely not my favorite, which is disappointing because I love pink and purple eyeshadows.

Show Me: A lime green frost. Pigmented right off the bat, and completely gorgeous!
Tease Me: Ivory Frost. Again another one that is pigmented, it didn't take much with this one to get the swatch to show up.
Text Me: Seafoam green with a gold overlay. Another gorgeous and pigmented color. 
Temp Me: Peach Frost. Slightly on the sheer side, but buildable.
Beg Me: Teal frost. Pigmented, but not as much as Text Me.
Call Me: Bronze-Brown frost. Again another pigmented color, it only took one swipe to get a good swatch.

Overall impression of this palette: My second favorite palette. None of these colors gave me a rough time when it came to swatching.

I'm going to say this right off the bat, this palette is by far my favorite, not only is it pigmented, but also the colors are vibrant with no issues. This goes for every single eyeshadow in this palette. So I'm only going to give a run down on the colors because there isn't anything bad I can say about this one.

Charming: Sky blue.
Enchanting: Frosty white.
Fetching: Royal Blue.
Riveting: Pure Silver. The flash kept blowing this one out from my camera.
Ravishing: A deep Blue with a royal blue overlay.
Dazzling: Charcoal grey with silver shimmer.

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