16 March 2013

Holiday: St. Patrick's Day Inspired Nails

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, I wanted to get this up before I change my nails tomorrow (Saturday) night with another St. Paddy's Day nail.

I actually ended up doing this around 1am in the morning, a bit delirious so I didn't think of doing a still photo tutorial, but it isn't difficult AT ALL. A quick note, I have always done free hand nail art/design. It's something that I love doing, and have been doing for 11 years. Oddly enough, my right hand normally comes out 10x better than my left, I'm right handed though. It's a quirk of mine.

And can I just say that, my pinky has a mind of it's own? Seriously, it doesn't want to line up with the rest of my fingers. Apparently, it wants to go to it's own drum beat and go off to left field. I'm working on it though.

Polishes I used Zoya Apple for the green, Sinful Colors Snow Me White for well, the white, and Zoya Tanzy for the orange. I also applied Nicole by O.P.I. Here Kim's The Sun over Snow Me White because I didn't want it to be a cream white. I was actually looking for a white that had a gold sheen to it, but never found such a polish (if anyone has a suggestion, please comment!).

And a blast from the past. These were taken a few years ago. As you can see, I didn't know about the whole flooding the cuticle, or cleaning that area up.


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