23 March 2013

Review: Femme Couture 8 in 1 Foundation

Last week I picked up the Femme Couture 8 in 1 Foundation in Fair. Today (Saturday) I ended up going to Sally Beauty Supply earlier because my original one, the pump broke on it! The clerk was massively nice and simply exchanged it for a new one, no questions asked. As mentioned in my Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer review, I'm critical about two things, foundation and concealer.

So lets see how this one does.

Femme Couture Get Flawless 8 in 1 Foundation
A multi-tasking foundation with 8 great benefits that create flawless looking skin in one easy step. This blendable formula color corrects, moisturizes, is a primer, concealer, foundation, and dries to a beautiful powder finish while it helps smooth lines and is 97% oil free.
Femme Couture Get Flawless 8 in 1 Foundation
Shade: I purchased this in the lightest shade that they offer, Fair. I definitely has a peachy tone to it. It does an ok job at blending into my NW15 skin, although I do have to take this all the way down my neck to make sure it's perfectly blended.
Femme Couture Get Flawless 8 in 1 Foundation
Packaging: It is glass, a very heavy frosted glass bottle that you get. Along with a pump to dispense the product from (win!). There are some issues with the pump though, I'm not sure if the foundation is just thick, but the pump seems to clog then breaks. Perhaps it was just a fluke, but I wanted to make note of that.

Femme Couture Get Flawless 8 in 1 Foundation Swatch

Texture: It is a very creamy foundation, that dries quickly. I also noticed that when applied with the fingers there are these little reflects that sit on the skin.

Femme Couture Get Flawless 8 in 1 Foundation Swatch
Coverage: I'd say medium to full coverage. You can build on this I believe. First day of using this it looked much more fuller coverage because I applied more, second day, less worked much better and the coverage was very good.

Femme Couture Get Flawless 8 in 1 Foundation Swatch
Swatch - blended
Blending: It blends nicely, although I'd say work quick! It seems to set quickly. Not to mention the directions suggest to use either your fingers (I've done this) or a sponge. I don't use sponges, and the fingers, I don't feel the product applies and blends evenly. Not to mention leaves these little flecks that sit on the skin (as you can see in the blended swatch).

Wear Time: I've gone from 8:30am to 12am with only a noticeable difference of the T zone, everything else stays pretty much in place. It does transfer though! But when it does, it isn't noticeable and I've put it through the worst possible trial a foundation could go under. Being sick. I've been sneezing my nose off, tissues always on hand. So this foundation does wear off nicely and isn't obvious.

Now lets see about those claims...
  1. Primer
  2. Foundation
  3. Concealer
  4. Powder
  5. Moisturizer
  6. Line Smoother
  7. Color Corrector
  8. Helps control oil
Boy, that's a lot of claims!

Claim 1 Primer
Is it a primer? It gives a very smooth finish, so I would say that it has the benefits of a primer.

Claim 2 Foundation
Yes, it's a foundation, I think that's rather obvious. Is it like other foundations? Possibly.

Claim 3 Concealer
While redness seems to be under control, this doesn't do the job at covering up EVERYTHING. I still need to use concealer for blemishes and under eye circles.

Claim 4 Powder
I think it may have a powder texture once dried, but it doesn't last. I don't really know where this benefit comes in

Claim 5 Moisturizer
No, just no. While it doesn't zap the moisture from your skin, I don't believe it replenishes it either.

Claim 6 Line Smoother
I can't really say if this is a bust or not, this foundation does hide things well when it comes to photography though.

Claim 7 Color Corrector
I think this is true, my skin looked far more even when wearing this.

Claim 8 Helps Control Oil
Maybe for the first 3 to 4 hours, but after that I felt my T zone begin to get oily. You definitely need to set this foundation (especially the T zone) with a translucent powder.

Femme Couture 8 in 1 Foundation Close Up
(Taken Last Thursday 3/14)
Overall Verdict: Although I don't believe it is an 8 in 1 Foundation, I do love it, and was disheartened when the pump broke on the first one. It photographs beautifully I'd have to say. It gives my Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation a run for it's money though.

Taken last Thursday 3/14
Price: I purchased mine for $7.99, in store price is $10.99, if you belong to Sally's Beauty Club then the price is $9.39

Availability: Sally Beauty (online or in store)

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