30 March 2013

Review: Own Lifting Eye Cream

Yes! The review is here. I'm finally venturing down the skin care road, not to worry, it isn't just because this is a sponsored post, this just happens to be the very first one that I'm taking the dive with. I guess one can say, I'm breaking the ice.

Now before I get carried away, lets get on with the review!

I'm just going to jump right in and admit, I'm 29 and have never used an eye cream before! Being completely honest. For some reason, I just felt my moisturizer would do the trick. Oddly enough (perhaps a blessing?) my crow's feet have only started to become prominent, that and my lovely fine lines around my eyes. Both are only noticeable when I squint or smile. Besides that, my skin also absorbs every last bit of moisture it can get! So around my eye area, it is always dry, dry, dry which only emphasized the lines even more. With my skin all together, I am sensitive to fragrances and parabens.

So lets recap?
  • Start of crow's feet.
  • Fine lines.
  • severe dryness around the eyes.
  • sensitive to fragrances and parabens.
Got that? Ok!

I was given six items to choose from, from the iFabbo shop, and the one that stood out was Own Lifting Eye Cream. When I saw that as one of my selections, I figured that this was the perfect time to finally try out an eye cream.
My iFabbo package arrived March 16th, and that night I immediately started using it. I have to say, I loved how it was packaged!

I want to get this out there first. When it comes to skin care, I'm a skeptic. I'm not a pro, but I've tried enough to know if a product is working for me, or not.

Lets start off with the product details from the website...
Product Details
● Retinol-free formula
● Does not cause irritation, redness or flakiness
● Dermatologist-tested
● Fragrance-free
● Paraben-free
● Sulfate-free
As I mentioned above, I am sensitive to both fragrances and parabens, so seeing as this product is free of those two, two pluses right there.

BUT! I will say this, while there is NO fragrance, there is a herbal-earthy scent. It isn't horrible, and as time went on, I hardly noticed it.

Own Lifting Eye Cream

Texture/Color: It's a simple white cream. When you pat it into the skin, it virtually disappears. It's non-greasy and light weight. Plus it absorbs very quickly into the skin.

Own Lifting Eye Cream

 The description taken as is from Own's website:

Own Anti-Aging Lifting Eye Cream. Is formulated to lift and smooth wrinkles while brightening skin with clinically proven CLA technology. CLA technology lifts and firms, restores and hydrates so your eyes can look as good as you feel.
Own Anti-Aging Lifting Eye Cream has been clinically proven to:
● Reduce the appearance of crow’s feet by 61%
● Decrease in the total number of wrinkles around the eye area by 30%
So, are the claims true? Does it reduce the appearance of crow's feet and wrinkles/fine lines? Does it Hydrate? 

I've been using this product, just shy of two weeks. Using it both A.M. and P.M.. At first, I didn't see any results, oh boy. But as time progressed, I began to see a difference. While I don't have wrinkles, I've noticed within the time frame that my fine line have been reduced. Are they completely gone? No, I don't believe any product can simply make fine lines completely disappear, just minimize them enough that they aren't noticeable. What about my crow's feet? That's probably the second thing that I noticed. Mine are prominent when I squint and smile, but when I do such now, my crow's feet look as if they've been reduced! I'm not just saying this because of what the site claims either, there IS a difference. However, but biggest difference I've seen is that around my eyes are now hydrated. Instead of the dry waste land that they were, the area is now much more hydrated than when I first started out. I have to say though, the one thing that I would have loved for this product to do as well, is if it could also brighten the under eye area.

Now, if anyone is interested in this product, you're in luck! If you go to OWN's website, for your first purchase if you use the promo code: CLAIFABBO1 you'll receive 30% on your order. That code isn't for just for the eye cream alone, it's for any of the products on OWN's website.

The product featured in this post had been sent to me by iFabbo on behalf of Own. What appears in this post is my 100% honest opinion on the product, and it is in no way influenced.


  1. I ordered this too and I got the e-mail saying it shipped, so it should be here soon!! I can't wait to try it!

  2. I just ordered the serum to try, anything that says brightening, I want lol. But I love the eye cream.

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