06 March 2013

Your Preference?: Concealer Before or After

I'm not sure if this is going to turn into a series, but I thought it'd be a different change of pace.

This is about concealer. Do you prefer applying concealer before or after foundation? Before or after putting your eye make-up on?

Before or After Foundation?

For me, when I first started wearing make-up. I used to put my concealer under my foundation. I didn't know the difference it could make to apply it on top. Then again, when I first started, I was basically flying by the seat of my pants! 

It wasn't until I discovered the beauty community on YouTube when I finally realized, oh! the concealer looks better when it's applied after the foundation. Patting, not rubbing. Yes, I used to rub the concealer in prior to this, including under the eyes. I didn't have anyone to tell me otherwise, or they just didn't want to.

So now, I do apply my concealer after my foundation, normally with a brush then blending in with my ring finger.

Before or After Eye Make-up?

I've seen plenty reference to applying concealer after your eye make-up, mainly because clean up of shadows is much easier. The fall out then has nothing to stick to. 

Honestly, this is a preference that I can go either way with. I've put my concealer on before and after. I am, however, used to applying it before. It's more of an automatic for me, especially in the morning before work where I'm basically on autopilot. 

Of course, even if you do apply your concealer before your eye make-up you can always do the excess powder trick. Just putting a bit of extra powder (transparent that is) under your eyes, which would then catch any fall out. Just make sure you brush that excess powder from your face once your all done!

So, what does everyone prefer to do? What do you find yourselves doing (autopilot like me?) more so?


  1. I still prefer applying my concealer under my foundation just to ensure that it really disappears into my skin and isn't seen at all, especially since I always have a difficult time finding the perfect shade of concealer. But since I have dark under eye circles, I sometimes apply my concealer twice. Once before foundation/bb cream, then a little more after.

    1. I never thought about applying it twice. I might actually have to try that being my dark circles have a mind of their own and refuse to be covered up by just one layer.

  2. After. I find that once I've sponged on my foundation I need so much less concealer than I would otherwise think.


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