12 January 2013

Dupe Alert! Back In My Gloria Days...

I figured I wouldn't get my hands on any of the Modern Family polishes from Nicole by O.P.I. until 2 months after the collection was released. Lucky me that my local Target ($7.04) actually had a full display. Most of the polishes in the collection I have polishes that are either exact dupes or close to (this even came from my Mother!). I wasn't sure about one though. Back In My Gloria Days... I couldn't recall if I had a dupe for this or not, so I ended up getting it.

When I got home and went through my nail polish collection (and there shall be a post about that), I did find a dupe. Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength polish in the color All Aglow comes across, in my eyes, as a spot on dupe.

Back In My Gloria Days... vs. All Aglow
Back In My Gloria Days...
Diamond Strength in All Aglow
It's hard to tell in the bottle because of how the Nicole by O.P.I. is shaped, Back In My Gloria Days... comes across as being darker because of this, but that's not the case.

Taking the brushes out of the bottles, Back In My Gloria Days... appears to be a bit darker, with a bluer shimmer, while All Aglow comes across purple with a pinkish blue shimmer.

And with that in mind, onto the swatches!

I apologize for the messy swatches, but I did these quickly (ignore the wonkiness that is my middle nail). Both have two coats over the same base (Revlon Post Trauma Nail Treatment), with no top coat. I had no trouble with application, it just depends on how much you get onto the brush. I truthfully can't see much of a different between the two. Perhaps Back In My Gloria Days... may have a tad bit more blue sheen due to the flash, but that could also be how I have my nails angled.

So if you can't get your hands on Back In My Gloria Days... from the Modern Family collection, may I then suggest Diamond Strength in All Aglow for a dupe.

Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this post were purchased by myself.

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