30 January 2013

Weekly Manicure: Strobe Rose

Being last night I posted my manicure from last week, I figured I would post my very current manicure (newly done last night). Let me just put it out there now, for me to do just plain nails (aka one nail polish and only one), I'm mighty bored then, or indecisive with what to actually do.

I may do a photo tutorial for this one later one because I loved how it came out. It was purely just me grabbing polishes from my stash and just winging it.

(l-r) Steady as she Rose, Back in my Gloria Days..., Strobe Light
Base coat used Revlon's Post Trauma Nail Treatment.

First I did three coats of O.P.I. Steady as She Rose (Pirates of the Caribbean LE). I was just going to do two coats, but those two appeared streaky and uneven for me, so a third was needed. I did let each coat dry in between or at least until they were semi-dry for the next coat. The third coat I allowed the polish to dry even more being I was going to use the sponging technique.

Next I used Nicole by O.P.I. Back in my Gloria Days... (Modern Family LE) for the sponge gradient. This polish is on the thin side so it required a bit of layering to get it opaque enough). I lost count of how many layers it took after 2. Trial and error, I discovered after so many layers of polish, don't continue to use the same side of the cosmetic sponge, the gradient effect is slightly lost on my right hand because the polish was becoming thicker on the sponge.

Clean up around the cuticles was next, sponging can be messy sometimes.

Second to last, I promised not to do an over kill with Sally Hansen's Strobe Light (seriously, I love this polish!), so I limited it to my ring fingers for accent. I believe it was the right touch. Only one layer used.

Lastly I topped everything off with Inm Out the Door top coat.

End result?

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