26 January 2013

Hair Care Review: Organix Awapuhi Ginger

First hair care product review on my blog. I was going through the clearance areas of Target (always check the end shelves of the aisles!) and came across Organix Awapuhi Ginger Dry Styling Oil. Normally I wouldn't purchase this, but being it was on clearance I figured why not!

For anyone who is curious what Awapuhi Ginger is, please visit Hawaiian Ethnobotany Database for further details.

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The product comes in a black box (not pictured), accepted with white, hot pink and light pink lettering/font with a gold design in the background. Inside is the bottle (3.3fl oz) with the accenting and font coloring.
The bottle's packaging pretty much reflects the box, save for the design that appears on the box (not pictured). It's sleek packaging, the only issue I have with it, is the cap. I would have preferred if it were a pump because the product, which is an oil, comes out very quickly.

Ingredients listed on the box.
This isn't the first time that I've used Organix products. In the past I've used shampoos and conditioners from the brand, but haven't used anything besides that. So this product is a first to me.

The scent is very pleasant, definitely soft and not over-powering. For me it does lightly linger in the hair, which I love.

I apply the product to towel dried hair, working it from tips to a third of the way up, avoiding the roots. Then blow dry my hair.

As I mentioned before, you can end up with too much product. The oils consistency, I would say is similiar to baby oil. I can say though, even with too much product, it doesn't affect the way the hair turns out. There's no residue left behind. I will say this though, the first day I used this and had too much product, my hair felt like there a slight weight to it.

My hair comes out soft with a light scent to it. I haven't seen too much repairing though, then again I hadn't used this product on dry hair, only towel dried. Even with it being towel dried, I have noticed that any frizz I would normally have, have calmed down. So in a sense perhaps the repairing is working with the frizz control.

Overall verdict? It's a nice product with a lovely scent. It makes my hair soft, and does control frizz.

Would I repurchase again? Probably not unless it's on clearance again, I do have other hair care products that do the same exact thing.

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this review was purchased by myself.


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