19 January 2013

Weekly Manicure: Goldeneye Days

Did my nails on Thursday night, so this is really quick and easy. Not much explanation needed. Just that I wanted to wear two different colors and couldn't decide on which, so easy way out, wear both :D

Nicole by O.P.I. Strengthener Plus as the base coat (2 coats).

Used three coats of Back In My Gloria Days... (Modern Family Collection) on the pink, index and thumb of both hands. Three coats of O.P.I. Goldeneye (James Bond: Skyfall Collection) on the ring and middle finger of both hands.

Clean up around the cuticles. 

Inm Out The Door as the Top Coat.

The Results?

The polish cracked on my middle finger while I was at the store earlier. Boo!

Disclaimer: Products mentioned in the above post were purchased by myself.

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