12 January 2013

EotD: Plum Saturday

I'm not one to do a Face of the Day look, but I will do Eyes of the Day. My make-up routine during the work week is pretty much the same. Quick, easy, and overall boring; which is why on Saturday and Sunday I tend to jazz up my eye make-up.

I normally do my eyes after I've finished putting my foundation and concealer on. I do know some do the opposite, eyes then foundation and concealer. I've done both, I'm just more used to going in the order of foundation, concealer, then eyes. When I do go in this order, I do tend to make sure I tap off any excess eyeshadow off my brush to make sure I get as little fall out as possible. Even when I do get a little fall out, I just use a fluffy face brush to gently get it off. Anyway, onto the look and product run down!

Plum Saturday - Open

Plum Saturday - Closed

Products used to create the look.
 A quick run down of the products that I used. This is actually a simple look, I think. I've used my fair share of eye primers in the past, my HG once was Urban Decay's Primer Potion. That was until the formula changed, or seemed to have changed. 

What I've been using to prime my eyes, I have been using since October '12, Pixi Beauty Lid Last Shadow Pen in the color Peach Pavé (the little mint/peach end crayon). I'll do a review on this in a later post as I absolutely love this product. I've worn this going from 8:30am to 11pm at night without any break down of eye shadows (it really also depends on the quality of the eye shadow too).

 For the eye shadows, I used Missha's Signature Velvet Art Shadow in No. 1 Plum Combination. The only shadow I didn't use from this palette was the taupe-y purple that is to the right of the lightest color. I used the light pink around the inner part of my eye, around the tear ducts. Then took the not so taupe-y purple (the purple that is below the light pink), blended it into the edge of the pink then brought it across my eye, stopping just before the outer corner of my eye. I did the same to my lower lash line. Then took the rich, deep purple, used that on the outer V and into the crease slightly, then did some simple blending of it into the purple. I then did the same thing to my lower lash line. 


Then to blend the deep purple, and clean it up if I got any above my crease, I simply used M.A.C.'s Blanc Type. Which for me is perfect, it blends into my skin and can't be seen (wait, is that really perfect?).

Last two things, to line both my upper and lower lash line, I used M.A.C. Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline. Then my HG mascara, N.Y.C. Show Time [review].

No eye lash curlers were used. Let me just say, eye lash curlers and my lids, don't get along. My lids get pinched more than my lashes curl.

And that's it. Nothing really to it. I normally use more eye shadows then just sticking to one palette.

Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this post were purchased by myself.

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