26 January 2013

Polish Swatches: L.A. Colors

For my birthday back in December, I received five L.A. Colors polishes from a dear friend of mine. I finally got around to swatching them. Sadly though, the names of the polishes were on the cardboard packaging, which were tossed as I thought the names would be on the bottoms of the bottles. The numbers on the base do not match on the site, but I did my best to try and decipher them.

(l-r) Current, Wave Length, Static Electricity, Metallic Teal, Atomic
I actually compared quite a few photos through google to make sure I'm on the right track with the names. I'm just not sure about the Metallic Teal though.

No top coat used for any of these.

First one is Current. It's a shimmery Green-Yellow that in the bottle almost seems to have a slight blue duochrome, which on the nails, it doesn't. It's just the way the light reflects on the bottle. The formula runny and thin. I actually used four coats of the polish and it still looks as if four coats wasn't enough.

Metallic Teal (or is it Treasure Island?). The flash on my camera seems to mess this one up as to the naked eye, it's blue with teal shimmers. Coming across like a duochrome, with the flash it translates as a metallic blue. Formula on this one, again, runny and thin. Three coats for this, and as it goes with Current, I needed more coats.

Wave Length (I'm fairly sure that's what this one is, I almost thought it was Shock, but Shock seems to be more a jelly/creme) is an yellow-orange shimmer. It's a very sunny yellow, perfect for summer I think. I used four coats, while one certain nails it covered fine, I can still see part of the white tip of my ring finger. The formula for this one was runny, but slightly thicker than the other two.

Next up, Atomic. It's a teal creme, and dries semi-matte. This is probably my least favorite of the five. The formula is thin, runny and patchy. Two coats were used. I'm sure a third coat would have fixed the issues.

My favorite out of the five, Static Electricty. It's just a true blue creme polish. I used only two coats, the formula is thin and runny. Only slight streaking occurred. It's an absolutely gorgeous color though, and I'm not one for wearing blue polish either.

Overall, they're nice polishes, unless you like sheer colors, then you'll definitely have to use more than three coats to get the polishes fully opaque.

Disclaimer: These products were given to me as a birthday gift, I did not purchase them on my own.

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  1. I like the colors but I've been disappointed by how sheer these polishes are. I'd rather save my $$ for a better-quality polish. :) Just my preference!


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