19 January 2013

Review: Naturally Gorgeous

Last time I was at Walmart, they finally had the Hard Candy Naturally Gorgeous (it's either $5 or $6) palette back in stock.

Naturally Gorgeous is a nude/natural palette from Hardy Candy's Top Ten Eyeshadow Collection. There is a total of five different palettes, ten shadows each with two sponge tip applicators (the Walmart site states that it comes with a brush, not true).

I really and truly can't say whether or not this little palette could be a suitable dupe for either one of the Urban Decay Naked palettes as I don't own either.

So, without further delay, onward to the review!

One of the applicators went missing!
Packaging. It's typical hard plastic. Very sturdy, snapping shut with no problem. Behind the black and silver panel is a mirror. Speaking of the panel, it isn't something I care for, and seems to pull away because of how tightly the top of the palette closes. That might just be with mine though.

I should say right off the bat, all ten of these colors are shimmer and as far as I know, the other four palette are also all shimmers.

None of the eyeshadows have names, so I'll split it down the middle, starting with the first five on the left, which I'll say is the light to medium shades of the ten.

A quick note, a primer was not used with the swatches.

First five shades on the left of the palette.
The issues I had out of these five were the first three from the left. The lightest shades are both champagne colors, one being slightly different than the other. I did my very best to try and get those two to show up, but they didn't want to cooperate with me. The third color (which seems to be a brownish-champagne color), does have more color payoff than the first two, but is still light, it can work if it's packed on though. From the copper color on, the color payoff improves. Just the three lightest seem to be tricky.

Five shades on the right.
As I said, from the copper color onward, the payoff is perfectly fine. I haven't had any problems with these shades.

Texture wise with all ten shades, in my opinion, they're very soft with fall out. While I was doing the swatches, I noticed that I'd get lumps of the shadows on my fingers. I suppose it'd be safe to say the eyeshadow caked on my fingers. The same thing happened when I used the applicator. There's no problem though when using an eyeshadow brush. Tapping the brush off is a must with these shadows.

Would I recommend this? Yes, unless you're fussy about shimmers, soft eyeshadows that can cause fallout and the color payoff being iffy on three out of the ten shades.

I can definitely say that I do want to get the other four palettes to see how they are.

Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this review were purchased by myself.

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  1. I got this palette and haven't gotten a chance to review it yet, but I agree with you that the fallout is annoying. I do wish the shades had more staying power but otherwise I'm pretty happy with it. It was only $6 after all! I want the green one now.


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