29 January 2013

(Last) Weekly Manicure: Maroon Gold

I actually forgot to post this last week for my manicure series (oops!), my co-worker actually named this manicure for me.

Base coat used, Revlon's Post Trauma Nail Treatment. After letting that dry, I used two coats of Orly's Happily Ever After. After letting that dry, I cleaned up around the nail and cuticle, then started the opposite dry brush gradient (I watched Lucy's Stash tutorial on glitter gradient) using Wet n Wild Chrome polish in A Show at the Palladium (let me know if you know why I bought this!). I started at the cuticle then would just drag the brush up towards the tip of the nail and just kept building from there on each nail.

Letting that dry, I wanted some more sparkle, which is when my Sally Hansen Strobe Light comes in. Light layer of that over each nail, then I topped it off with Inm Out the Door.

End result?

Disclaimer: Products mentioned are my own.

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