20 April 2013

Manicure: Peachy Gold

I have a love/hate relationship with peach/coral colors. They look so vibrant in the bottle, but dry down darker. Not looking for a dark peach color! When I was at Target, I came across one of Sally Hansen Insta-dri polishes called Peachy Breeze, figured why not!

I was definitely iffy because of my track records with peach/corals, but luckily Peachy Breeze dried down to exactly as it appears in the bottle! Such a vibrant, spring color! So completely happy with the color.

Now I've used the Insta-dri polishes before, love the colors, get frustrated because they always seem to streak with me, not to mention due to the fast dry down time. They can go uneven easily if the polish isn't applied quickly enough. This might not happen to everyone, but it happens to me.

Anyway, now for the manicure!

I only did an accent nail because of how gorgeous the color is. Originally I was going to do the gold on every nail because I figured the color would dry down darker, but nixed that after seeing it. I used two coats of Peachy Breeze. Although on my right hand, certain nails have a light third coat due to unevenness. This polish can be streaky and cause balding if you apply a second coat too soon.

Accent nail
Accent nail, I applied scotch tape along the cuticles/outer edges of the nail to protect the skin and so that clean up wouldn't be all over the place. I used the sponge method again, instead of using the "dry polish" technique. 

For the gold I used Wet n Wild Fergie Gold Album, starting from the cuticle and stippled up to the middle of the nail, then concentrated around the cuticle again to make that gold more opaque there.

Instead of using gold glitter, I used Pure Ice Dazzle Me, which is a silver glitter with hexagon holographic glitters.

Sealed everything with Sally Hansen Insta-dri top coat and done!

Products Used
  • OPI Nail Envy (not pictured)
  • Sally Hansen Insta-dri in Peachy Breeze
  • Wet n Wild Gold Album from the Fergie Collection
  • Pure Ice Dazzle Me
  • Sally Hansen Insta-dri Top Coat (not pictured)


  1. This is GORGEOUS!!! And YAY for OPI Nail Envy :P

    1. Haha! Thank you :D!! I don't think I could use another base after using Nail Envy :o


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