03 April 2013

Tutorial: My Everyday Eye Make-Up for Work

Ok! This one is going to be a little different. Just slightly. While I don't have a tripod that isn't broke, well I have one, it's just MIA at the moment... I decided to do a video of the products that I used. It's a little silly maybe, but it's my first go at it! It's a bit shaky (or shake worthy as I put it), but I tried my best to keep the camera as still as possible. HOPEFULLY... I can get the video to work in the post.

And of course, AFTER I've uploaded the video, I notice a spelling mistake... WITH URBAN! GAH! I slapped an annotation over it with the proper spelling, but how embarrassing. I think I was just so excited with doing this, I didn't rightfully notice.

Should I redo the video? Or just leave it as is?

Plus, I'm working on a new layout, I'll probably put it up after this post, but I'm still working on the buttons to make everything look a bit more neat around here.

Video and still photo tutorial after the break! (Note, I do make an appearance ;x)

1. First I used Milani Eyeshadow Primer (review soon) and placed it all over the lid, letting it set for 30 seconds.

2. Next from the Urban Decay Glinda Palette I used Aura, the white with blue shift side and placed it in the inner third, inner corner and just a bit along the lower lash line.

3. Taking South from the Glinda palette, I smoothed that all over the lid, blending it into Aura.

4. Then taking Tornado, I used that in the crease and outer v, then blending it into South.

5. Blending!

6. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Rockstar, smudged into the upper waterline.

7. Then I applied two coats of E.L.F. Volume Plumping Mascara. Annnnd my camera started dying then.


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