27 April 2013

Polishes: Color Club Angel Kiss, Halo-Graphic and Harp On It

I know I'm late (ok, really late) to the party with this collection, but I lucked out when I went to another Harmon's, they still had other polishes from Color Club's Halo Hues Collection in the store!

Color Club Halo Hues

In addiction to Halo-Graphic, I got Angel Kiss and Harp On It. They are just as stunning as Halo-Graphic.So, now I'm only missing three others. I have half a collection!

Color Club Halo-Graphic
Halo-Graphic, as I mentioned in a previous post here, comes across as a lilac-pink with what appears to be a gold-esque overlay. 2 Coats were used.

Color Club Angel Kiss
Angel Kiss
Angel Kiss, is a sky blue Holo/Halo. I'm really not one for blues, but I had to pick this one up because it is gorgeous. 2 coats were used.

Color Club Harp On It
Harp On It
Harp On It is the collections silver holo polish. The silver itself isn't a dark silver, it actually seems to be a white-esque silver. It's extremely vibrant, the photo itself doesn't do this color any justice. 2 coats were used.

Formula: Perhaps it's just the ones that I purchased, but they seem to have a strange formula. All three are runny as the product is quick to pool down the brush and onto the nail. They can be sheered out, or go on very opaque with one passing. Haven't experienced any streaking or balding with the formula.

Do you have any of the polishes from Halo Hues? If so, what're your favorites?
Better yet, what do you think of the formula?

I love the formula. I'm actually wearing Harp On It now with Halo-Graphic stippled over it on the ring fingers. Once I get out of work tonight, I plan on doing some color blocking, or something dealing with scotch tape ;x


  1. love the lilac, but they're all soo stunning !

  2. These are sooo cool they remind me of the 70's psychedelia


  3. I own Harp on it and it's my first ever Color Club polish, I like it alot!!


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