11 April 2013

Weekly: Current Manicure!

After three failed attempts at manicures last night, seriously what's wrong with me? I kept smudging the polish on my left hand, ugh! Ever have that happen? Working on a manicure then smudge city? So frustrating!

Anyway, this wasn't the originally planned manicure I was doing last night. It just, sort of, happened? Of course, after 3 fails, I forgot to photograph how I did this. I think it's pretty simple. FYI, there is a dupe alert here though. 

Polishes Used:
  • Wet n Wild Fergie Glamorous
  • Wet n Wild Fergie Gold Album
  • Hard Candy Itzy Glitzy Little Hottie
  • Pure Ice Endless Fortune
Being I forgot to photograph the tutorial, I'll try to give step by step instructions. It's pretty simple, I think so at least, and I'm sure there are plenty of other tutorials out there explaining this better than me!

Step 1. Base coat! I used OPI Nail Envy, then allowed it to dry.

Step 2. Apply the color of your choice for the base. I decided on Hard Candy's Little Hottie from the Itzy Glitzy collecion, two coats were used. Allow both coats to dry enough to move onto step 3.
FYI, Little Hottie is almost an exact dupe for Nicole by OPI's Scarlett from the Selena Gomez collection. There is a very, very subtle difference, but if you aren't a polish-a-holic, you won't notice it.
Step 3. Sponge time! I use the sponge technique to do the gold gradient. I take the thickest edge of the cosmetic sponge and actually rip little pieces off of it so it isn't perfectly straight. Using Gold Album, I slather that onto the sponge then start to stipple it onto the nail going only half way down the nail. Trying to twist the sponge around before placing the polish so that nothing appears straight. Then I go back a second time, but only applying the gold closer to the tip of the nails, so the color is more opaque.

Step 4. Taking Pure Ice's Endless Fortune, which has diamond hologram glitters in it. This is actually a little tricky because of the hologram glitters. I only wanted to use just the regular gold glitter in the bottle. So battling to get the diamond glitters off the brush, once that's accomplished (this is probably the time consuming part with having to re-dip the brush to get the large glitter off). If you have a regular gold glitter polish with a clear base, more power to you! Anyway! You just apply the gold glitter over the gold gradient that you just did, going just a little lower then where the gradient ends.

Step 5. This is optional of course, I wanted a different size glitter, so I ended up using Glamorous. Not terribly easy because the base is thick, and you don't always get the larger glitter onto the nails the first go around. For my pinkies I actually ended up using a dotting tool to place the gold circle glitter into place. Then for the other fingers, I just try to manipulate the glitter to the edge of the brush for placement.

Step 6. Apply top coat and your done!

Not difficult, I just ended up making it more challenging for myself haha.

End Result!

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