04 April 2013

Series: Drugstore vs. High-end Mascaras

Which do you prefer?
Which do you find yourself reaching for the most?
Drugstore mascaras or high-end mascaras? 
Better yet, do you prefer the travel size or the full size for high-end mascaras?

Reason why this came up, is because I was tossing out old make-up I had in a "to trash" bin, and came across a high-end mascara. I got to thinking, I wonder what others prefer.
For me, it's drugstore mascaras. The formulation always seem to hold true to the descriptions. Although, and perhaps it's just me, I don't hate high-end mascaras. I'm more or less torn with them. For high-end mascaras, I normally will purchase the trial/travel size first before the full size. This is where I become torn, I LOVE what I get with the travel size, but when I purchase the full size, I'm disappointed. The formula never seems to be the same as the travel size. 

For example, I had received the travel size Kat Von D Sin-Full Lash mascara as a perk during one of my ventures to Sephora. I LOVED that mascara, and after some time, noticed I was beginning to run out. So, of course, love the mascara, just get the full size. Mistake. I used it the next day after purchasing it, and noticed the formula seemed different. It was more wet than the travel size formula (which was a happy medium, not wet and not dry). It clumped, smudged onto my lower water line and below it (raccoon eyes!). Not to mention, one of my biggest issues when it comes to mascara is when TOO much mascara gets around where the wand meets the brush, just a glob of mascara sitting on the flats of the mascara mocking me. Basically, the stopper isn't doing the job of pulling the excess mascara off.

That has happened to me with three different brands of high-end mascaras. Travel size works wonders. What the hell happened to the full size.

Has anyone else encountered this with high-end mascaras? Or am I the only odd ball out there that this happens to?

So, moral of this. Drugstore mascara for me, thumbs up. High-end TRAVEL size mascara, thumbs up.


  1. could you do this for foundation :) that would be really helpful


    1. I can definitely give it a shot. I'm not too experienced with a lot of high-end foundations, just certain ones. Ok, only two ha ha.

      I think I'll get my hands on some samples of foundations I want to try before doing a drugstore vs high-end post :D That way I have a good opinion. Just need a little time.

  2. Odd!! I don't have a lot of experience with high-end mascara but this makes me leery of the full sizes. :P I do tend to love the drugstores versions though. And I'm with you--a glob of mascara on the end of the spoolie is just not cool!!

  3. I have had the same experience with high ends. I LOVED Benefit's They're Real! Mascara in the curvy travel size but the new cylinder shape puts too much on the brush. Do not like. I like Lancome's Doll Lash but only now that its almost gone. Same problem; too much product. Overall, drugstore is way better for your buck. My favorite is Revlon's Grow Luscious. Great post!


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