26 April 2013

Series: Drugstore vs High-end Foundation

I'm back with another Your Preference post! This one was actually requested by Kiera from ClassicQuirk.

At first, I wanted to wait until I had tried some other high end foundations, but I was actually able to come up with an opinion without doing so.

I'm caught in between.

I do believe, when it comes to foundations, it's really personal preference.

My HG (holy grail) foundation is from Tarte, but the foundation I'm loving right now? It's from Wet n Wild.

A downside to drugstore foundations, you aren't sure if the color you're selecting is going to be spot on, or if it's going to be too yellow or too pink. You're basically going on a blind guess.

For example, I'm Fair in Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage foundation, this foundation is spot on color match for me. Fair is the lightest shade the have. So lightest shade in foundations, if I based it on that, would the lightest shades of all drugstore foundations be perfect matches? No. I actually had a Rimmel foundation (Perfect Match I believe) in Fair, purchased it even though it appeared too dark in the bottle. When I did the skin test on my jaw, it actually was a shade and a half darker than my skin tone. Luckily, the store accepted open cosmetic returns.

So, while the downside to high-end foundations can be the price, the upside is that you know what you're purchasing. You can try these products in the store, not to mention asking for a sample to try to see if the foundation is a match and if you like the formula.

What is everyones preference when it comes to high-end vs drugstore foundations?
Which do you prefer?
Have you ever had the same issue happen when you're purchasing a drugstore foundation in your color, and it isn't a match?

Feel free to share!

1 comment:

  1. As long as I really like the product, it doesn't matter whether it's a high-end brand or drugstore one for me. If it's high-end, I consider it a good investment. If it's drugstore, then that means I can stock up and repurchase more easily!


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