05 April 2013

Swatch-fest: Pure Ice


Ok! First, the header has been changed as well as... BUTTONS! I'm still trying to decide if I should just make a new YouTube channel rather than using the one that I've had since... forever.

Second, I now have a tripod that WON'T BREAK or HIDE! No more shaky camera! I'm still working on angles for nail swatches.

Third, I'm working on my March Favorites. Definitely will have a video for it as well :D

Anyway, I went to Walmart earlier, and ended up getting four polishes... three of which were Pure Ice. I actually sat on the ground trying to figure out which ones to get. Trying to resist any greens. I survived!  

So this is going to be a mini-swatch-fest. No page breaks.

Pure Ice Nail Polish
Deja Vu. A royal blue, that in the bottle looks like it has purple/magenta sparkles or duochrome. On the nail though I didn't notice it too much. The formula was perfect fine, 3 coats is all it took to get it opaque.

Pure Ice Nail Polish
Endless Fortune. Gold micro glitter with holographic diamond glitters. This is a clear base. I ended up layering it on top of another Pure Ice polish that I own, Excuse Me. It takes a little to get the large diamond glitters to place themselves out as they seem to want to group together.

Pure Ice Nail Polish
Come Closer. Magenta bar glitter with blue bar glitters mixed in. I thought this one would actually have a clear base, but it has a magenta base to match the dominate glitter in the bottle. Fairly sure that with enough layers it could be opaque. I ended up layering this one over another Pure Ice I have, Watermelon Ice.

Pure Ice Nail Polish Come Closer
Close up of Come Closer

1 comment:

  1. Deja Vu is stunning! I'm seriously lacking blues in my polish collection. By the way, I tagged you in the Liebster Awards, and the details are on my blog if you would like to partake!


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